Workforce Development for the Construction Industry

The idea of bringing in new talent through the Internet is not exactly foreign. Online recruitment and screen-to-screen job interviews are not uncommon these days, even in the oldest and most stable of professions. Nevertheless, the decreasing emphasis on traditional “professionalism”, itself a consequence of the Internet’s influence, has stretched the hiring process well beyond the capacity of any one site or system.

Popular job posting sites like Monster and Indeed do some good if all the user is looking for is an immediate search result. However, these sites do not fare as well when it comes to defining and then, of course, actually finding the ideal candidate for the posted position. Having several hundred names thrown at you (or your recruiter) might be encouraging the first time, but successful workforce development is about much more than just pulling together a list of names. Indeed and Monster only find the applicants who make a deliberate effort to be seen in their systems and, even then, cannot narrow down results without excluding swaths of users who might have actually been a perfect fit for your company.

Demographics, work experience, and location–the key factors comprising workforce development–are held to strict boundaries and must be either obeyed or completely disregarded. This approach all but guarantees that your search will in fact become less effective the more concise it gets.

Anyone looking to hire a neurosurgeon may eventually find that perfectly-crafted neurosurgeon who has 12 years of experience, lives exactly 2.7 miles from the hospital, and graduated preschool with a 4.0 GPA, but industries that need able-bodied workers do not benefit from this type of recruitment. Reliability, commitment, and availability are the qualities our construction clients tell us are most important to them when finding labor, and these are the exact types of qualities that popular job sites tend to obscure and pass over in the pursuit of someone “better”. Your digital workforce strategy has to be as in-depth and devoted as the men and women you are hoping to find.

A mobile responsiveness website is becoming more of an issue than ever, as users now expect sites to be modernized in both function and appeal. They no longer just demand that sites be easily navigable via phone; any worthy site must look the part as well, and the PC user-oriented design of these job sites severely limits their reach. Naturally, this applies to your business site as well, which must be current, relevant, totally mobile-responsive, and attractive even before you start to consider bringing in prospects from outside sources.

Well before you ever have the opportunity to show off that homepage though, you have to make one last concession to the mobile-centric users of today. Particularly for industries like construction that demand a younger, active workforce, social media is the homebase for nearly your entire pool of prospects. More so even than Google, social media represents the point of entry for all subsequent online activity. If there is a video to be seen, song to be heard, or (just maybe) article to be read, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are as likely to be the avenue to that material as a search engine or URL bar.

This makes social media the single greatest platform for your job postings and, in a much broader sense, business presence. Social media clarifies the job search process by eliminating the pitfalls of formal job posting sites. It also has the cost-saving benefit of taking off some of the pressure of relying on recruiters and staffing agencies.

There is no larger or more eager audience on the planet at this time, and there is no more engrossing way of listing your job openings. Social media disperses job information across an incomparable range of demographics, leaving business owners and recruiters the potential–but not obligation–to look at applicants from every combination of backgrounds. Furthermore, when properly managed, social media campaigns can adhere to your criteria for the ultimate candidate without overlooking the individuals who excel at every one of your job specifications but have the wrong first name, month of birth, apartment number, or house pet. Almost every second of the user’s day involves viewing, ignoring, or accepting thousands of pieces of content, and having a distinctive, appealing social media presence helps to render your competition irrelevant and find only the best-fitting new additions to your team.

To discuss a digital workforce development strategy for your company, call us at (702) 720-6560 and start off on the path to bigger and better recruitment with PIMedia, Nevada’s go-to marketing firm for the construction industry.  

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