Why Your Medical Practice Needs Digital Marketing

Keeping Pace with Your Current Clients and Learning How to Find the New Ones

Making yourself known to the people who need your services is the whole purpose behind marketing, and the medical field is no exception. Finding the most efficient, reliable way to deliver treatment to the people in your community is paramount, and long before you ever have the opportunity to help patients, your practice must be made readily available (and accessible) to the people you are hoping to treat. By giving your medical practice a wider, more receptive audience every day of the year, social media and digital marketing can help make this process as easy as possible.

Though print ads may still hold value for many practices, the vast majority of your clients are going to find and evaluate your practice online. Consequently, social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram provide the greatest and most immediate marketing value of any medium in use today. Of course, much of this value stems from modern audiences’ expectations rather than the actual medicine. The prominence of social media throughout every aspect of users’ lives makes having an appealing, active Facebook business page a necessary component of your marketing strategy and an invaluable digital representation of your practice. Beyond just the quality of your services, the presentation of your practice online plays a large part in convincing clients to seek you out for treatment over another practitioner in your field. Particularly for medical practices, maintaining a current, modernized presence online gives prospective patients the impression that the rest of your business is as up-to-date, responsive to clients, and accomplished as your website and social pages. Regardless of your area of expertise, finding a digital identity that suits your practice and shows you and your work in the best light should be the first step in optimizing your marketing.

In addition to bringing your practice to the widest overall audience currently in existence, the Facebook and Instagram platforms grant you greater precision when targeting smaller audiences for your content, from standard demographics to personal and professional interests. This has the benefit of saving you both time and money and reducing the amount of work that goes into promoting and creating each new piece of content. By only showing your ads to the people who are most likely to respond to them, you can more directly engage your audience and cut down on less effective, broad advertising. Moreover, these features are also applicable to staffing, should you ever need to fill a position or expand your practice.

The other critical advantage of social media and digital marketing is the level of interaction and personalized engagement with your audience enabled by social platforms. Where before you only had the opportunity to express concerns or exchange information over-the-phone and during exams/sessions, neither of which has proven especially popular among patients, social media establishes a direct line of communication between you and your audience. As well as gauging your audience’s response to certain pieces of content, social media engagement can help you augment your marketing and services according to audience preferences and interests without delay. All of this, more importantly, goes into improving clients’ experiences with your practice and, by doing so, increasing the likelihood of referrals and recommendations while optimizing your business in the meantime. Social media may not cover every aspect of digital marketing (you will always need a strong, built-out website as your foundation), but it is an increasingly vital component and one that no medical practice can afford to go without.

Even in a field as well-entrenched and demanding as medicine, social media and digital can fulfill most of the marketing needs for a growing practice in 2019. Make the switch today, and start giving more patients higher-quality care in less time. Call us at (702) 720-6560 to learn more and discuss your unique marketing needs.

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