Why Recruitment Marketing?

Making Recruitment Marketing Work for Your Business

Marketing directly to potential candidates is often the most effective way of getting your open positions seen and drawing in qualified applicants. In addition to delivering your message to the widest possible audience, recruiting through social media (namely Facebook) also allows you to appeal to users based on their interests and experience. While traditional recruiting can produce results, it is rarely a cost-effective or efficient process and is likely to only become less practical in the coming years as social media and digital recruiting become further ingrained in the business world. It’s not too surprising then that recruitment marketing has never looked better as a hiring solution.

Recruitment marketing involves identifying, establishing contact with, and developing new talent before you make the decision to add a given candidate to your team. Many companies, particularly in industries that depend on just finding as many able-bodied workers as possible, are tempted to settle for the first applicant who checks every box on their “wishlist”. However, finding reliable, dedicated individuals to fill out your staff requires you to not only look at but interact with your top candidates and reach them even before they apply. When done properly, recruitment marketing can help you establish a rapport with people who are interested in you and your work and sort through a multitude of names to find the one that best suits your business.  

When it comes to making yourself known (and, hopefully, liked) on social media, the emphasis should always be on the qualities that separate you from your competitors and give your business a distinctive sense of value. Beyond just listing the financial reasons people should be flocking to your office to personally hand you their applications, this should include how you have taken steps to make your business a worthwhile solution for customers, employees, the broader community, and your industry.

No other medium but social media gives you the chance to appeal to viable candidates every second of the day with such a level of accuracy or consistent success. This offers employers the ability to put their materials in front of the people who are most likely to respond and almost always arrange for the most favorable conditions (audience interests, time of day/week, conversion goals, ad types, etc.) for their content to be displayed. Once you do begin to communicate with interested candidates–an email supplement would not be out of place here–it is crucial that you continue to present your brand with the same respect for your audience that you used to locate them.

Social media comprises a variety of tools, platforms, and applications, granting you more than enough resources to create an engaging, convincing representation of your brand. Though you are interacting with potential future employees in a wholly professional context, your candidates are always going to be evaluating your business based on its digital profile until you either hire them or “decide to go in another direction”. Recruitment marketing may not be as laborious as traditional talent development, but no successful hiring campaign is ever going to be a one-step process that you can quickly forget about. You have to be willing to work with your candidates in these early stages if you ever expect them to work for you. In this case, that means conceding that your appearance on social media is probably going to form the basis for your relationship.

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