Why Facebook Boosting for Business?

Facebook boosting is incredibly effective for your business.  Having said that, how do you boost to get the most out of your dollars?  Small businesses are not taking advantage of this important marketing tool.  I see it every day.  Clients seem to know that they need to do it but have no idea how.  Let’s look at some tips for boosting on Facebook.  You can use the Facebook Power Editor versus doing it from your Business Page.  For the purposes of this blog, we are going to start with the simple basic post boost from your Facebook Business Page. Why?  To get the feel of it before tackling the more complex Power Editor.  If you feel comfortable, go for the Power Editor.

Boosting Tips for Beginners

  • Always Boost a Facebook post that has a Picture
    • Using “real” pictures of your product or team members are the best

      Set up for Boosting on Facebook
      Boosting from the Facebook Business Page
  • If you need a photo, be sure to use ONLY Royalty Free sites; pixabay.com, pexels.com, and unsplash.com (good one because people post real pictures)
  • Have a compelling message – the text in your post
  • Have a call to action – what is it you want people to do?
  • Link them to where they will immediately recognize the call to action – in other words, NOT your website Home Page
    • A Landing Page on your website
    • An event signup
    • An email capture – emails are “gold” capture them whenever and wherever you can
  • Fill in your demographics; location, age, sex
    • Be careful here -if you are looking to source talent, you must do Male & Female 18-65+ unless there is a legal requirement for someone to be 21
    • Facebook has gotten much stricter on the demographics for interests so as not to have any concerns about discrimination
    • Certain industries such as real estate, will have compliance and restrictions on demographics
    • On location – you can go down to zip codes if you are a local brick & mortar business
    • Don’t go too wide on location, i.e. United States – you won’t get the best result for your money
  • Click Boost once you have set up your Post – you cannot edit the post once you are in the boosting but you can cancel boost, edit and then go back to boost
  • If you can Add a Button – usually Learn More or Sign Up or Book Now

You can also have the focus be on Facebook Direct Messages if that is better for you – if you pick this, be sure to stay on top and respond quickly

Boosting on Facebook
Do you want Direct Messages or Engagement which is usually the initial default?
  • Decide on your Budget – pick an amount you are comfortable with – maybe start with $40 or $50 dollars especially if you are a local business only
  • Usually running the boost for 7 days is the best bang for your buck
  • Remember to check your analytics so you know how to tweak for the next boost

This is a guide for boosting beginners.  The Facebook Power Editor is a much more robust tool for boosting.  You can ease into it once you feel comfortable or jump right in. Here’s an article on mistakes businesses make on Facebook.  This would be a good place to start before you spend money boosting.

Want more info from me, sign up for my blogs.  Remember, the most important thing is to get started using Facebook boosting. Start with your Facebook Business Page and go from there. It really works!

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