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The Importance of a Professional Peer Group

Having a professional peer group is probably more important than ever. I know that we can do almost anything remotely these days; however, I still place a very high value on the ability to sit in a room with other professionals and business owners. Why? Building deep trusting relationships with people you shake hands with, break bread with and/or share a cocktail or latte with is totally different from the zoom, skype, or another online type of communicating. Here are a few reasons why I am grateful for my monthly professional peer group and everyone in it.

  • I can get advice and feedback on challenges and ideas. Having another professional tell you their “been there, done that” experience can be so enlightening. Simply put, it can save me time, energy, money and a ton of aggravation.
  • These peer professionals live and work in my community. We share a common bond of what’s going on. Construction issues, the weather, changes in regulations, the opening of new businesses, etc. is something we share and can discuss.
  • When a client or colleague of mine needs something, I go to my trusted peer group to find out the best person to help them.
  • I have fun. Aren’t you more than just your business? I am and I have developed tremendous lasting friendships with the professionals I spend time with who are in my professional peer group each month.
  • I can help someone else with something they are struggling with. I LOVE giving referrals and making valuable connections between people. It feels great to help another business person succeed.
  • I have increased my clients, referral sources and revenue being a member of my professional peer group. Referrals are important; they do not need to be forced when you are forming deep, trusted relationships. They happen organically. I always want new connections, and having my professional peer group helped me reach beyond myself to so many more people.
  • Working from home does not put me in front of other people each day. I gave up our office and went back to working from home with my team working remotely. I do miss the exchange of conversation and ideas with other people.

My professional peer group since 2012 is Trustegrity. I am honored to be around such seasoned, integral, professional people each month for our meeting. There are a ton of groups out there. Referral groups, mastermind groups, weekly, bi-weekly… you name it. Some are way too much of a time commitment and some are way too expensive. Trustegrity is just right for me.

I’d love to have you be a guest at a meeting. Trustegrity groups are opening up around the country and franchise opportunities are available. I am purchasing one. Please reach out to me and I will share my experience and answer any questions. Debbie 702.465.4082 Debbie@PIMedia.me

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