What Does “Authenticity” Mean in Networking?

Trustegrity® and the Power of Honest Discourse

The word “authenticity” can evoke a number of different reactions and interpretations among professionals. While it’s true that each of us possesses a unique sensibility when it comes to how we like to do business or be approached as a business owner, learning more about how our peers define “authenticity” in speech and conduct can be of immense benefit not only to ourselves but to our employees and partners.

One of the great things about Trustegrity® is that it encourages this type of discourse among seasoned professionals–professionals who understand the significance of these issues and value their time. Everyone at a Trustegrity® meeting “gets it”, making our interactions more fruitful, relevant, and efficient at every level. If you’ve been looking for a supportive, productive environment that is dedicated exclusively to your concerns as a business leader, Trustegrity® may be the right fit for you.

To learn more about how Trustegrity® is reshaping virtual networking, please contact me at Debbie.Harris@Trustegrity.com or (702) 720-6560.

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