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Web Design

Having a website is crucial for any business. Having an attractive, easy-to-use website drives in customers and allows your customers or prospects to build a trusting connection to your brand. PIMedia uses Elementor to develop appealing and mobile friendly websites at low, competitive rates.



PIMedia's No Hostage Policy

At PIMedia, our clients own every site, page, and piece of content–that includes every social media post, video, and email campaign–we have created for them during and after their receipt of service. Each platform account is set up under the client’s name and contact info, listing the client as an administrator with access to every feature and application. Upon completion of services, the client assumes sole ownership of all content; PIMedia cedes access to every business account and ceases to use/terminates login info for its staff unless otherwise requested. Consequently, everything we do for our clients is owned by and accessible to them at all times.

To ensure that clients maintain this ability to view and use all of their digital property, we are available to respond to technical issues and client questions around the clock, seven days a week.