3 Tips for Using Instagram for Business

Today we are going to look at 3 tips for using Instagram for business. Why? Instagram now has 500 million active daily users. That’s right, 500 million active daily users and 800 million active monthly users. I was even surprised to learn that 92% of internet users between 18-49 use Instagram. Are your customers part of that 92%? Facebook purchased Instagram for 1 billion dollars, which means that you are now allowed to boost to both at the same time. Let’s take a look at 3 ways to incorporate this social platform into your social media marketing.

  1. Set up an Instagram account – if you already have a personal Instagram, you should use a different login and password. Instagram is going to give you an option to convert to a business account. Do that. Include the name of your business, a tagline and your website URL. This is the only place you can put a live link to your website. Put up your Profile Picture and be sure it identifies your company. Then you want to link it to your Facebook Business Page so that when boosting, you can boost on both.

    Instagram for Business
    Set up your Instagram Business page
  2. Create a hashtag for your business to start branding yourself. Use that hashtag every time you post something.  Different types of businesses will reach more of their audience on Instagram, for example, a restaurant, retail operation, e-commerce or anything visual such as interior design. Best times to post are the end of the week, Thursday and Friday and the weekend. We recommend posting 2-3 days per week. More or less depending on your product or service. If you have a “daily special” then post it daily.
  3. Pay attention to trending hashtags. You can find these on Twitter. There are also websites that will give you a list of trending hashtags. You can Google it or try this one that we use for our clients. We also make up our own relative to what our clients need to reach their potential customers.

Instagram is one of the major social media platforms that should be considered for your business. Different businesses will use it in different ways. Think about your target audience and where your customer spends the most time. As with all your social media marketing, Instagram is another platform used to reach out, engage and build a following. As a social platform, it is almost exclusively used on a smartphone, and since we all seem to be checking our phones constantly, it might be time to get on board with Instagram.

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