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Finding Your Way in Review Marketing

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An increasingly prominent factor in digital and social media marketing is review marketing. With the rise of Yelp and even Facebook as the major platforms for businesses, online reviews have become a vital and, like it or not, unavoidable part of your business presence. Unfortunately, the wide range of websites that allow customer reviews can often seem baffling to business owners and prevent them from keeping track of their online reputation. Eventually, some owners just give up on the idea of managing their reviews altogether. Non-industry specific sources as varied as PlanetRate, Angie’s List, and the good old-fashioned Better Business Bureau all maintain thousands of customer reviews for nearly every kind of business, while Google Reviews, Yelp, and Facebook continue to dominate as trusted reference points for potential consumers. Before you tear out your hair, keep in mind that the world of review marketing is difficult but not impossible to master, and there is always more you can learn when it comes to online marketing.

Negative reviews, regardless of the legitimacy of the author’s claims against a company, carry real weight in influencing consumers. However, the tendency for managers and owners to get caught up in the potential nightmare of negative reviews often overshadows the considerable benefits that a business can garner from positive reviews. Even if your customers do not detail rapturous, life-altering experiences, their favorable reviews enhance your credibility and contribute invaluably to the representation of your business online. A business with a reliable supply of positive reviews that go back several years stands a greater chance of attracting visitors than a business with only a handful of great reviews. Additionally, diversity and depth can make the difference when it comes to positive reviews. Depending on your industry, your business may benefit from reviews that reference different services your business offers, the various qualities that attracted the client to your business, and the different personal circumstances that led the reviewer to your business. A nice selection of thorough, plausible, and distinctive positive reviews can be a greater asset than dozens of vague, unhelpful rave reviews and is likely to expose your business to a broader clientele. Positive reviews can work wonders for grabbing attention with a headline or quick quote, but it is the overall impression and substance that your reviews provide that ultimately matters. Therefore, tracking and encouraging these types of reviews should form the basis for anyone looking to focus on review marketing.

Trying to keep track of each time your business is mentioned online is an aggravating and generally thankless exercise, especially if you actually have to run your own business at the same time! At PIMedia, we incorporate review marketing as a principal part of our digital marketing strategy for every client. With an emphasis on Facebook, Yelp, and Google, we manage our clients’ presence on review sites and work to resolve issues that can affect business standing. As a certified Yelp Agency, we are familiar with the myriad factors that influence business reviews and can provide guidance and/or full-service management to improve your knowledge and online reach. Though no one is allowed to simply remove unflattering reviews at will, our experience in social media and digital marketing has allowed us to promote positive reviews while bringing businesses to wider and more eager audiences. Call us to discuss a review marketing strategy for your business and join us on April 26 for our complimentary webinar on “How to Raise Your Yelp Ranking“.