Social Media Day Is Coming

Social Media Day June 30th

I have written before about how every day is a something day.  Now we have the 9th celebration of Social Media Day coming on June 30th.  This day was created by Mashable to recognize social media globally, #SMDay.  In actuality, it is a part of our lives every day.  #SMDay is a good way to recognize how it has dramatically changed every facet of our lives.  Businesses cannot ignore it any longer.  Consumers rely on it to check out products and services.  As individuals we go to it to keep up with family, friends, and people we have never actually met.  We help find lost pets, donate to causes we believe in and discuss current news events.  There is a sense that the world is smaller because of social media.  There is also a sense that it is more ominous.  Hacking, spam, phishing and false news make us leary about the whole idea of social media.  Facebook has been called to task as have other platforms.  The European Union (EU) has new regulations for social media platforms and data privacy.

What does it all mean?  As the owner of a digital marketing and training company,  I know that it is essential to reach clients and customers.  The ability to educate and inform is amazing on these platforms.  Pictures and videos convey ideas and concepts so easily.  Now everyone is on social media.  It is no longer just the younger people.  These platforms have crossed over all demographics.  Your clients and customers are on these platforms weekly.  Sometimes daily or multiple times in a day.  Facebook’s pay to play shouldn’t deter you.  Get in the game.  Learn how to best use Facebook.   Learn how to make the most out of the popular social platforms.  Match their uniqueness to your target market.

On a personal side, we share, share and share some more.  Selfies rule.  How incredible it is to get back in touch with people we haven’t communicated with in years.  In some cases, like mine, many years.  Classmates, exes, colleagues, you name it.  We have the ability to reach across the miles and the years.  We can help each other.  Booster confidence.  Send prayers and ask for them.  We can encourage others to help the causes we believe in.  Our birthdays can be dedicated to a cause we believe in.  On Facebook, we have the ability to “check-in” that we are safe after an all too frequent tragedy strikes somewhere.

Can we change the world with social media?  I believe we can.  If every positive thought/post is 100 times more powerful than a negative one, you bet we can.  As we approach Social Media Day on June 30th, let’s remember all the good that can be done on these platforms.  Maybe for Social Media Day we only post positive things, how about that idea?  What kind of an impact would that have on our all too fragmented, hurting world?

We have become so used to checking social media that we may not realize the impact it has on us.  We feel good when we get “likes” on a post.  I believe we want to feel connected.  It is not a substitute for having a meal, cup of coffee or cocktail with someone.  In other words, it is not a substitute for spending time with someone.  That being said, I am connected to people I would not have the opportunity to see face-to-face and I am very grateful for that.  I LOVE social media personally and professionally.

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