WordPress Website Development

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With WordPress becoming the dominant website development platform for modern business, we love everything about the platform.  Sure, it has it’s limitations and quirks, but the “Pluses” of working in WordPress definitely outweigh the “Minuses”.

  • First and foremost, Google loves the WordPress structure
  • Once your website is completed, you can make your own simple changes to the page and post content
  • It is open source, so no fees to use it
  • There are millions of WordPress designers / developers
  • Adding functionality is based on plugins
  • Very mature security solutions are available to keep your website safe
  • Thousands of mobile responsive (all devices) themes are available to get the look and feel that you want
  • Even Google builds plugins for WordPress
  • WordPress website structures build 75% faster

In most cases, our website builds are just a few weeks.  For some of our clients, we fully maintain their digital marketing, including updates and additions to their website.  We call this the “Marathon” approach.  It is based on a monthly retainer for a long term and event responsive strategy where we continue to grow their website and build their SEO ranking through social media and content marketing.

No Hostage Policy

We believe that you should have full control over your digital kingdom.  That means that you will own your website, hosting, domain, social media, email lists…