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For most of our clients, training executives and staff is vital to the success of their online brand. Most people don’t have a full understanding of social media or digital marketing for business. Many of us are familiar with the social platforms from personal use, but using these platforms for business entails a different application where knowledge goes a long way toward building success.

At PIMedia, we believe that your human resources are your greatest asset, but only if they understand what to do and how to do it. Too many companies suffer from the delays and inaccuracies caused by improperly-trained staff, and entire industries have yet to catch up to the demands of the digital age. Our programs revolve around showing employees and management how to lead the narrative and how to extend their voice through the social platforms. Additionally, staff should understand how to effectively reach people, particularly on LinkedIn, and build online relationships that lead to business relationships.

Call us and let’s discuss how we can train your management and staff to use your social media and digital marketing to the greatest effect.

Social Media Training

One of the common misconceptions we see is “I will hire a young person and they will know what to do.” After a few months, you come to the realization that you are not seeing any progress, so you think social media doesn’t work. In reality, social media works in the hands of someone that knows how to use it specifically for business.

After 7 years of training individuals, companies and nonprofit organizations, PIMedia continues to be one of the most sought-after trainers for the business use of social media. All our training is customized to the company or people that we are training, but the primary topics we discuss in training are:

    • LinkedIn for Business – Included in the LinkedIn Optimization Service
    • LinkedIn for Financial Planners – Included with LinkedIn Optimization Service – FERC Compliant
    • Selling with LinkedIn
    • Social Media for Technology Companies
    • Social Media for National Brands
    • Social Media for Nonprofit Organizations
    • Social Media for Franchises
    • Social Media for Local Business
    • Social Media for Retail
    • Social Media for Restaurants
    • Social Media for Practice Based Businesses – Legal, Health Care, Dental, Veterinary, Accounting, Consulting…
    • Social Media for Authors & Writers
    • Custom Social Media Training

Executive Coaching Program

PIMedia also offers a distinct training plan designed for business executives, owners, and upper management that discusses how to orchestrate your own campaigns through social media and the Internet. Scheduled on an individual basis and conducted by PIMedia President and CEO Debbie Harris, the program functions as an extenDebbie Harris, Executive Coaching Program, Trainingded executive-to-executive discussion on how to optimize your workforce. Whether you regularly use email campaigns and social media and are just looking to improve or have never directly worked with digital marketing, Ms. Harris can assist you and your business. In addition to the private sessions, PIMedia hosts monthly mastermind groups (limited to 8 participants) that further outline positive business practices and the various ways companies can improve their online presence. We emphasize efficient, cost-effective, and reliable methods, and our executive program aims to thoroughly but clearly address the world of digital marketing.

Call us to schedule a one-on-one executive coaching program with Debbie Harris.