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Social Video Production

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Most businesses have taken the opportunity to set up websites and Facebook pages due to the demands of the digital age. However, the quality and quantity of content on these pages is often lacking, and many businesses do not even attempt to work with some forms of media that are essential to success. Video remains a significant aspect of online business presence, and the prevalence of digital marketing has only increased the need for interesting, attractive content. PIMedia can produce promotional videos for display as social media posts, banners, and/or featured website spots. The ability to document or tease major events can yield tremendous benefits for your commercial appeal and professional “look” and broaden your web content beyond blog posts and still images. Video production and video marketing therefore make up a strong complementary service to traditional social media/digital marketing.

If you are considering video production, keep in mind:

  • Even though every electronic device seems to have video capabilities, it is not always a great idea to trust your phone when it comes to official promotional materials. Make sure you use professional, reliable equipment when shooting new footage for banner videos or anything you want clients to see more than once.
  • However, if hiring-out a professional production company or buying your own cameras does not fit in your budget, you are not out of options. You can “cheat” and compile images and short video segments that were not filmed professionally. It is often not necessary to show stretches of more than eight to ten seconds of footage at a time for everyday posts. Again, this will not cut it for banner videos, lengthier promos, or permanent website videos, unfortunately.
  • Don’t panic! If you have no experience with professional video services, the idea may seem intimidating at first, but moving up to video is just another natural step in promoting your business.

*Remember, video has become even more important than ever, as Facebook now allows you to use a video as your banner and Yelp business pages can include videos as well as photos for owners with “enhanced” accounts.

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