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Social Surveys

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Does your company need to reach your customers and find out what they think? We can help. As part of our digital marketing strategy, we have built full  social survey platforms for candidates, companies, chambers and governments. Today, reaching people in a select market is more difficult than in the past.

  • Telephones have increasingly gone mobile and are not listed
  • The “No-call” list eliminated many contacts
  • Physical interaction is not cost effective or practical
  • Mail and even email may offer low survey response rates
  • The list of obstacles goes on and on…

We use the social channels to reach narrow, targeted demographics in specific geographical areas. It is both cost-effective and efficient, returning better results for a lot less. The process also offers fully-automated information gathering with the ability to “Opt-in” for future updates. The technical options are amazing.

We can also embed the survey form and results into your website and export them to an email system or integrate the systems. Of course, we can also produce the official results report for your records and use.

Call us to discuss your situation and how we can build a survey to meet your needs.