Social Advertising and Pay Per Click

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Social advertising is the modern version of the newspaper and phone book, but in today’s world that means Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Yelp…  Depending on what’s your target audience.  For decades, SEO and Google were the dominate ways to drive traffic to your business and make your phone ring.  They still work, but the cost is high and the road to ranking is long.

With all the social platforms offering advertising options, it seems simple to place an ad and drive some business, but for most people it is hard to convert likes and clicks into paying customers.  That is where we come in, there is much more to social advertising than most people think.  We have many digital advertising platforms and strategies to drive customer to your business.  We can dial in very specific human demographics and target highly selective geo-targets right down to countries, states, metros, zip codes, residential or commercial blocks and specific buildings using what we call “Micro Campaigns”.  To learn more about how we can drive traffic to your business, call us.