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Debbie Harris Keynote Speaker & LinkedIn Expert

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Debbie Harris, President, PIMediaDebbie Harris, MA is an engaging keynote speaker, addressing the practices of social media and digital marketing for business. She is the President and CEO of Performance Intermedia, LLC, a social media and digital marketing company. Debbie is one of the nation’s leading experts on LinkedIn, educating and inspiring professionals across many industries to increase opportunities through the platform. She writes for multiple magazines and blogs, and Debbie is the author of the e-book “7 Strategic Techniques to Gain Clients from LinkedIn”. She is also an Authorized Local Expert for the email service Constant Contact, speaking on the importance of email marketing to for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, and a certified Yelp agent through PIMedia.

Ms. Harris delivers compelling and motivational keynote speeches on the use of social media and digital marketing for business. Her talent lies in the ability to take a very complex subject and simplify it. She engages with people in a way that inspires them without overwhelming them, while taking into account the unique circumstances of each client. Debbie’s approachable manner fosters a feeling of confidence, and she can relate to audiences of all ages. Her breadth of knowledge helps her discuss the relationships between various forms of marketing and ensures that clients understand how their business is affected by digital marketing.

Debbie Harris has a Master’s degree in Social Media Compliance and the Law, giving her exceptional insight into digital marketing’s best practices.

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