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Email Marketing

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While an active social media presence and a professional, appealing website undoubtedly help businesses thrive, these services do not cover every possible route to your customers. Email marketing campaigns, ranging from welcome messages for new email subscribers and periodic surveys to weekly offers and newsletters, establish a consistent online relationship with your existing customers and can draw attention more readily to content of your choosing. Even with the reliance on texting and social media, emailing endures as an efficient and dependable form of communication that never fails to remind clients of your business’ relevance. Alongside traditional PPC advertising, email campaigns remain among the greatest methods of self-promotion available today. PIMedia can provide complete management of your email marketing interests, setting up campaigns and supplying all the necessary content to memorably and concisely express your message.

We offer comprehensive strategies for our email management services, because nothing creates itself and somethings are best done by others. This is certainly one of those areas. The question is not “can you learn to do this?” but “should you?” We have clients approve every email before it is scheduled to go out, and we are happy to work directly with the client to design and present the most effective email. However, clients are not obligated to ever develop the email campaigns themselves, and we at PIMedia are here to make things easier, not more difficult.

At PIMedia, we have worked with all the major email service providers, but we are Constant Contact Certified Partners because their ease of use, outstanding support, and email platform meet the complex needs of our clients.

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