SEO Ranking on Google,, website development

Speeding your Google Ranking

The first goal of any digital marketing strategy is to gain a Google ranking fast.

Essensa Wellness & Aesthetics ( is a new business in Las Vegas and we took on the project as they were developing the office, branding and digital footprint for the wellness center. Our first task was to develop the website in harmony with Essensa’s brand and image for beauty and wellness.

The key to gaining a Google ranking was to develop the social media and website in parallel. The website is built on WordPress, the Yoast Plugin integrated with Google Analytics, and Google Search Console. We verified the business with Google my Business to gain the local map listing.

SEO Ranking on Google,, website development

We developed a presence on multiple social media platforms to build the brand, create engagement, and reach into the social communities.

Using this digital marketing strategy, we obtained the results you can see by the screen capture above of an “Incognito” Google search (provides non-cached results) for “Essensa Wellness Las Vegas”. This mimics a typical verification search that would be done by someone looking to validate the company and their services. The results of the search present credibility and a look of maturity for the business. The screen shot above only shows a portion of the page; if you were to scroll down, you would see more social profiles on other platforms to speed the Google ranking for the client’s company. The reality is that this campaign is less than 30 days old.

Below is a search in Google Maps:

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It will take months to improve the Google search ranking for more general search terms, but our goal in the short term is to be found in the search engines and local search and present with authority. Mission Accomplished!

If you are a new business or worry that your website is not being found, call us and we can check to see if we can improve your Google ranking.  Contact Us