APA Case Study

Recently, PIMedia was approached by Above PAR Advisors, a noted New York-based advising and business optimization firm, to generate case studies for distribution. The studies compiled information from the firm’s project to improve the infrastructural systems at a major New York university and teaching hospital. Addressing outdated and inefficient approaches to scheduling and refining the transition from physical to electronic record keeping, the firm overcame entrenched procedural hurdles and unforeseen difficulties to great success. The university subsequently expressed interest in applying Above PAR’s strategies to other colleges and, through the firm’s acuity, found that the project would self-fund. On the whole, the firm arranged for reduced costs, greater efficiency, optimized performance, and overall resilience that exceeded expectations and resolved serious impediments to the larger university’s ability to function.

In response, PIMedia penned case studies for Above PAR’s official records and further professional use as pamphlets to be presented to potential clients. The project formally outlined the goals, actions, and outcomes integral to the cases with a clear and convincing approach. The firm has spoken positively about working with Performance Intermedia in the future and requested similar services from our writing staff.

Case studies represent an additional service beyond the usual content writing for websites, blogs, emails, or social media campaigns and highlights how marketing needs vary by industry. We at PIMedia are able to work on larger written projects upon request, provided that enough notice and resources are given to our staff. From daily Facebook posts to technical writing, we can accommodate all of your content needs.