Get Real Business from LinkedIn

This 6-week coaching program helps participants acclimate to the LinkedIn platform and become comfortable using all of the business development tools it has to offer. Start boosting your prospecting and client acquisition like never before with LinkedIn!

Why LinkedIn?

As the go-to platform for peer-to-peer connections and professional networking, LinkedIn is playing an even bigger role in the business world than ever before. If you haven't begun seeking virtual outlets for your business, you are overlooking tremendous opportunities for new client and peer relationships. Real business is being done on LinkedIn every day!

About Your Instructor

Debbie Harris, M.A.

Founder & Facilitator

PIMedia Founder and CEO Debbie Harris is one of the nation’s foremost authorities on the use of LinkedIn for business growth and has been assisting other professionals for the past ten years. Her extensive background and studies in the opportunities created by social media networking (including her master’s in Social Media Compliance and the Law) allow her to guide participants with an approach that suits their business’ unique needs. She is also the author of 7 Strategic Techniques to Gain Clients from LinkedIn and speaks regularly on the business potential offered by LinkedIn.

Build better connections

You should always view your LinkedIn profile as your “online face”. It is an extension of yourself and often helps to form others’ first impression of you and, by implication, your business. Making sure your profile reflects the qualities you value most is absolutely essential.

Start converting business

Building relationships within the professional-oriented LinkedIn environment is a great way to approach prospects and develop the rapport and trust necessary to convert new business. Moreover,  LinkedIn connections can become an invaluable source of referral business.

Sealing the Deal: Convert LinkedIn Connection into Clients - Debbie Harris, PIMedia


6 Weeks to LinkedIn Success

My 6-week LinkedIn Coaching program provides comprehensive guidance to help you optimize your profile for conversion and get the most out of all of the tools this platform has to offer. I know these are crazy times, but it is those who find new ways to promote themselves and their business who will benefit the most going forward. All sessions are conducted one-on-one with me, Debbie Harris.

Coaching Program - $1200

The LinkedIn Coaching Program consists of 3.5 Hours of Zoom sessions conducted over a period of 6 weeks. Recordings of each session are made available to participants for future reference at no additional charge.

Session One - 1.5 Hours

Together, we start optimizing your LinkedIn profile to appear not only professional but inviting. This initial session allows you to orient to all of LinkedIn's features and become comfortable navigating your account.

Sessions Two & Three

- 1 Hour Each

Work completed during these sessions includes:

  • Banner for your LinkedIn Profile Page*
  • Set up of Company Page (if applicable)
  • Banner for Company Page*
  • Complete Profile Optimization for better search results in LinkedIn & Google
  • An original article – we write it together, find a picture, and publish it
  • Create posts for LinkedIn – we create one post in each session
  • Engaging with other users
  • Using Search to find prospects and referral sources
  • Recordings of each session for your reference
  • Unlimited questions during the 6-week coaching period

*Graphics used in Banner images must be provided by participant


PIMedia provides LinkedIn training and services independent of LinkedIn and is in no way affiliated with LinkedIn. The information shared in this website is based on best practices and our experience; it should not be considered legal guidance.