I Hate Social Media, But…

I hate social media but I know my business needs it.

This is a statement we hear every so often.  While most people are engaged in some social media personally, there are those that simply cannot stand the thought of being “out there.”  Then there are those that have a Facebook profile but never really use it.  While they don’t express the same vehement dislike for social media, they aren’t anxious to personally spend more time on it.  Business owners are correct in knowing their business needs it.

It is possible to be active on social media without getting personal.  Facebook Business Pages, while they must be connected to a profile, do not have to divulge the business owners name.  You can set up a profile and keep it very private.  You can certainly set up your business on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.  LinkedIn is much more of a professional to professional platform, however there too, you would set up a Company Page.  If you want to remain anonymous, LinkedIn is probably not a good platform for you.  I have worked with clients that want to remain completely in the background, behind the curtain, so to speak.  For those clients, using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as their business is sufficient.  For example, if you are an Internet-based product company selling nationally and/or globally, it might not be as important to brand yourself.  On the other hand, if you are a professional and looking for clients, your company page will benefit from you doing some personal branding as well.

Using social media personally is obviously a personal choice.  If not using it personally has nothing to do with having a stalker or hiding from an ex, I would recommend giving it a try.  Building your personal brand is important because people want to know the people behind the curtain/company.  We are all bombarded daily with impersonal messages and that personal touch can make a huge difference when deciding to do business with a company or organization.

If you work for a company, you need to be aware of their guidelines in how you post about the company, i.e. your company’s social media policy.  Of course, you also need to be aware of and abide by any industry-specific guidelines, i.e. the real estate, legal, financial services, and medical professions all have specific marketing and advertising guidelines for social media.

If you truly hate it or have another reason for staying away from it all together but KNOW your business needs it, here’s a few points to consider:

  • You can set up a Facebook profile and keep it private
  • You will then be able to set up your Facebook Business Page and adhere to Facebook’s rules of having it set to a Personal Profile
  • Set up a Twitter account under your Company Name
  • Set up a Business Profile in Instagram – you will start with a personal profile and then will have the option to convert to a Business Profile
  • Set up Pinterest Business Boards

Once you get your business social media set up, you want to make sure to “work it” so that it helps validate your product and/or service.

It is possible to reap the benefits of social media for your business and still keep your privacy intact.  Social media validates your business, promotes your brand and allows people to engage with your company.  Don’t miss out on all the good stuff just because you hate social media for personal use.

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