How Do I Get More Engagement on Facebook

Getting more engagement on Facebook

This is definitely one of the questions I get asked most often.  How do I increase engagement on Facebook?  We are discussing a Facebook Business Page, not your Profile.  My most recent blog on boosting for beginners is definitely a major key to Facebook engagement. Facebook is a “pay to play.”  That should not come as a surprise to anyone.  They are in the business of making money.  Let’s remember that they have changed the way we communicate, brought us the world, let us reunite with long-ago friends and allow us to stay in touch with pretty much anyone we want.  We can do all of that at no cost.  I love that.  Rumors continually spread about Facebook charging individual users.  I have not seen any inkling of that as a reality.

Back to your Facebook Page.

This is where you are promoting your business, your organization, your book or any other commercial enterprise.  Besides boosting, which you pretty much have to do these days, here are a few more tips for increasing Facebook engagement.

  • Answer questions – when people ask a question either in a Comment or Direct Message – be sure to answer them in as quick a time as possible (Facebook rewards those who answer fast by letting everyone know how long it takes to get a response).  You will be able to put up an automated message on your Direct Message.
    • Go to Settings, Go to Messaging, Response Assistant On, Click Change to change the message
  • Engage with other pages – have you done a search to find all the pages that would be a good match for yours?  Do a Search on Facebook.  Click Pages and connect with anything that isn’t a competitor that makes sense.  If you are an Attorney, click attorney pages that do not practice what you practice.  Are you a retail store? A nutritionist? Find Pages that you can connect with. Like them As Your Page.
  • You can tag other Businesses when you Post.  This is a great way to give another business kudos.  Often, they will reciprocate.  You have colleagues who have Facebook Business Pages.  Think about ways to help them and in turn, likely help your engagement.
  • Be active – As your Page, click Like, put up a Comment and Share where appropriate info from other Business Pages.  You can also share what someone has posted on their Profile.
  • Use pictures – be sure they are royalty free – sites such as pixabay.com, pexels.com, and unsplash.com
  • Use videos – keep them very short, under 30 seconds and use them when you boost. They are great posts to boost.  If you can do 20 seconds or less, even better. Think of these as “teaser” videos.  Have a call to action, have fun, be creative.  Customer and staff testimonials are great.
  • Post 2-3x per week on your Facebook Business Page. Don’t overdo posting.  Less is more.  Quality over quantity, you get the idea. Think of things that would interest people beyond what you are selling.  How about what’s happening in your town or city?  Sports are good. Weather is good. Articles shared by others in your field who are not direct competitors; maybe they are out-of-state, out-of-the-country.  Holidays, special events, all are good.  NO POLITICS!
  • If you are comfortable and it’s appropriate, be active on your Facebook profile.  Not about your business, about YOU and your LIFE.  We are not just work.  People want to know who you are and look for commonalities.  For some, this option is not something they want. That’s okay.  If you are choosing to “stay behind the curtain” no worries.  If not, get out there and let people get to know you.  If you are politically vocal on your personal page then this is probably not a good idea.
  • HAVE FUN.  Enjoy engaging with people.

Increasing engagement on your Facebook page starts with boosting.  That will get your page seen.  Try different posts for boosting.  Download the Facebook Manager app so you can respond quickly to Comments and Direct Messages.

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