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debbie-500pxBBB Accredited, PIMedia, performance intermedia, debbie harrisBusiness executives and owners come to Performance Intermedia LLC. to guide them in using social media, website design, email & sales/marketing automation, digital advertising and training for their team to meet goals.  As executive marketing consultants, we deliver unique and compelling strategies, full marketing services and management, staff and sales team training.  

We offer public and client specific web-delivered training using presentation technology to record your session for future reference and on-demand viewing.  The recorded sessions have become a preferred format by our clients.  Call us to discuss how we can help your business.  702-720-6560


Performance Intermedia Services

Executive Consulting

Performance Intermedia LLC. plays a key role in guiding the marketing strategy for executives and business owners to find their path to success.

Social Media Services

We know how to make your social media work for you to reach your customers and drive your message home.

Web Design & Digital

Starting with a mobile ready website, we plan for all the pieces of your marketing strategy to work together.

Web-Delivered Training

We provide both public and client specific training delivered over the Internet and recorded for your reference and on-demand viewing.

LinkedIn Training & Profile Optimization

linkedin-buttonWe talk to so many people that tell us "But, I am not getting business from LinkedIn."  And we tell them "That is exactly why you should."  Because business is happening there.  First, you need to understand how LinkedIn works technically to match business people up.  Then you need to have your profile optimized for search and presentation.  Finally, learning what to do, how to engage with people and attracting opportunities is the last piece of the puzzle.   

The LinkedIn Profile Optimization and Training is a one to one consultation as we work with you to rewrite your profile and teaching you how to use your profile to attract opportunities, so LinkedIn will start presenting you to others.  This is an anywhere web-delivered service that produces a screen capture recording of your training for you to reference anytime.  

For most people, the results are pretty immediate.  Business and job opportunities, clients, speaking engagements...  New business is waiting for you.  Call us!  702-720-6560


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renadoRenato Ritter
Quit Claim, Deeds, Affidavits - Quick Claim USA, "We Do Good Deeds !"

WOW, I have known Debbie and her company for a while and thought that updating my profile on LinkedIn was something I could easily do myself; however after meeting with her, she impressed me with her knowledge and the tools on how to effectively update our profile, as well as the results it will create for our company. She also went the extra mile and gave us useful tools to effectively market our company and services through LinkedIn. 


joyJoy Huntsman

I just met with Debbie Harris with Performance Intermedia - Wow - what a session! If you want to inspect your Social Media and insure that you are getting the most bang for your buck, I highly recommend you invest an hour of your time with her. I learned so much on what I can do to improve my sites and also what not to do. Two great words of advise - strategy and schedule!

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