Holiday Time is Social Media Time

Social media is crazy busy during holiday time.  It’s hard to believe this week is already November…Halloween a day away.  If you think people spend a lot of time on social media these days, holiday time is even more intense.  Over 50% of people do their holiday shopping in December.  I should know.  I have always been one of them.  Christmas Eve was always my time to run to the stores.  The big difference now: mobile will account for more than 50% of holiday shopping.  Think about that.  More purchases will be made via mobile than on our computers.  Social media sites will provide tons of input and recommendations for purchases.

Is your social media ready for the holiday season?

It is so important to understand the importance of social media marketing.  Now as we are right in the midst of the 2018 holiday season, it is crucial to take advantage of it for your business.  How often are you looking at Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest these days?  Stop wondering HOW to make social media work and Just Do It!  Okay, so you agree that it’s time to get going.  What’s the best way to approach holiday time on social media?

Tips for holiday social media

  • Share news about any new products or services – use a lot of pictures
  • Video is essential – keep them short, under 30 seconds – product info, testimonials, discounts
  • Discounts, Offers, Coupons – People shop for bargains – you do too!  It’s easy with our mobile devices.
  • Your email marketing should always encourage Sharing with Share buttons and your social media icons so people can check you out
  • How about Thanksgiving weird recipes or ways to make a Turkey or vegetarian or vegan recipes – think outside of your box – mix it up
  • Be personal – talk about what you and/or your employees might be doing for the holidays – use pictures of your staff, your office decorated, etc.
  • Are you volunteering someplace? A Soup Kitchen, Opportunity Village here in Vegas, reading to kids or seniors – you will feel great, your employees will too AND it is great to share on your social media
  • Engage with others – share what others are posting about the holidays, where appropriate
  • Watch what is trending beyond the obvious – Twitter is great for this – use #hastags – don’t go crazy on Facebook use 3 or 4 Instagram 5-6
  • Make sure everything looks great on mobile – that is so very important – mobile is key for research and purchases – apps are losing their popularity as we move to easy to use mobile responsive websites
  • Targeting women – do not forget about Pinterest.  It is their “go to” site to get ideas.  Of course, they shop for men too.
  • Start now and go right through the holiday season – don’t forget CyberMonday!
  • Don’t forget to do some boosting on Facebook and Instagram 
  • Have fun, be creative, get your team involved

This time of year has a very special energy.  It seems impossible that we are closing in on another New Year.  Everything seems speeded up and during October, November, and December that is even more so.  Slow down a bit and relish the colors and smells of Fall, the first snowfall (which I miss), the holiday energy, special foods, drinks and time with family and friends.

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