Tips for construction hiring through Facebook & Instagram

Are you hiring employees this year? The construction industry will continue to grow through 2020. Are you fully staffed? I know that hiring people can be tricky. It can take up a lot of your time to find labor. The best scenario would be to have lots of job applicants that you can choose from. Where do you find these applicants who are interested? You find them where they are, on social media.

Here at PIMedia, we have found huge success in helping our clients find the people they need, particularly in the construction industry. This includes skilled and unskilled labor as well as office workers and licensed professionals.  We use the social platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, to spread the word. The days of Monster.com are pretty much over. If you are in need of unskilled labor, it is unlikely you will find it by using any of the “employment” sites.

Here are a few tips for finding construction labor using Facebook & Instagram:

  • Be where your applicants are – on social media
  • Be prepared to post with a picture
  • Use very short videos to catch their attention
  • Spanish videos and posts are important in many markets
  • Be specific about any licensing you require
    • Be very careful about violating any state or federal employment guidelines
  • Be sure to boost to everyone – do not violate any age discrimination rules
    • Have a boosting budget and expand your search geographically
  • Be careful when picking demographics to comply with all state and federal guidelines
  • Have a specific Call to Action
    • What should an applicant do?
    • Who at your company will be responding?
    • Where should they apply?
  • Make sure your digital footprint is current, relevant and mobile responsive
    • When did you last freshen up your website? Is it mobile responsive?
    • What do you look like on social media? People will check you out.
    • If Direct Messages are sent via the social platforms, who are responding to them?

Using certain social media platforms to find talent is most likely less expensive than advertising on LinkedIn, paying a recruiter or running ads on employment platforms. The other benefit is that it works (and often very quickly).  We produce ad content in Spanish and English for our construction clients.

Make 2019 your very best year by finding the right team members. Don’t let lack of labor keep you from bidding on jobs or expanding your company.

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