Have You Seen Your Business Recently?

Viewing Your Business on Google and LinkedIn

We business owners often proclaim the benefits of attempting to “see the world” through our clients’ eyes, and the pursuit of that ideal often accounts for a good chunk of our marketing budgets, as well as our time. For all of our faith in the public’s discerning and tastes, however, few among us remember to devote time to better understanding how our business is perceived by others. When was the last time you really attempted to view your business from an outsider’s perspective?

Daily management and internal operations can be all-consuming for even the most marketing-conscious of business owners, many of whom simply lack the opportunity to evaluate their business’ online image more than once every decade or so. Regardless of the nature of your industry, it is imperative that you monitor and assess how your business is represented on Google and LinkedIn. Listings on these platforms serve as your window into the public’s (and potential clients’) relationship with your business, and they cannot be neglected.

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