Are You Frustrated Too?

I am frustrated, are you?  Why, you wonder?  It’s pretty simple, it’s all the technology we deal with all the time.  Yes, I own a digital marketing company.  Yes, I love social media.  Yes, we help our clients grow their business and our own using digital marketing.  All of that is true but sometimes I want to take my phone or my computer and fling them across the room.  Like you, I have become accustomed to responding on the various communication platforms.  Email, Facebook Messages, Facebook Comments, LinkedIn Messages, Alignable Messages, Twitter Responses and on and on and on.  Not to mention that we all have more than one email these days.  It gets confusing and it can be frustrating when things don’t work right.

For example, this morning I was answering an email via my smartphone because I didn’t want to wait the two hours to get into my office and my computer.  Nor did I want to open my laptop.  Why did I feel compelled to answer the email immediately?  The person is in the Eastern time zone so I felt that I should respond.  Never mind that it was 6 am in my Pacific time zone.  My fingers kept making typos and I got more and more frustrated.  Then I realized I was in my personal Gmail instead of my business Gmail.  I had forwarded my business to my personal and didn’t pay attention to where I was answering from.  So, I had to rewrite the entire email after I switched over to my business Gmail account. Any of this sound familiar?

Or how about when you want to answer a Comment or Private Message on Facebook and you make a typo?  Editing via my particular phone is not possible.  How frustrating.  When this happens, I have to wait until I get on my computer, go back to the comment and edit it.  I feel like an idiot when I leave something misspelled.

What about when you receive a text or other communication and you look at it and make a mental note to go back to it later.  Hmmm…you actually have to make a mental note (or here’s a newsflash, write it down) of where you received that message.  Now let me see, was that a text, a LinkedIn private message or was it from Facebook?

Perhaps most frustrating is the feeling that all of this has some urgency to it.  The email I responded to at 6 am. The Facebook Comments and Private Messages we feel we need to respond to immediately.  Emails that come in while we are doing any myriad of things.  A point to make, I never do any of this when I with a client.  It’s all the other times that I feel the need to stop what I am doing to respond to someone, somewhere about something that really truly could wait.  Business does cross time zones, state lines and oceans these days. We are a global business community. We are also people with personal lives, meetings, other work to attend to, etc.  Time is accelerating and maybe that has something to do with our feeling that we must respond immediately.  I am working on not doing that.  I am making an effort to focus, to finish what I started, like this blog.  I am determined to not be frustrated by the technology I love and go with the flow.  Let’s see what happens the next time I can’t edit something on Facebook from my phone.


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