Friends of Red Rock Canyon Unveils New Website, Partnership with Bonnie Springs Ranch

Friends of Red Rock Canyon Unveils New Website, Partnership with Bonnie Springs Ranch

Las Vegas, NV—November 12, 2018: Bonnie Springs Ranch and Friends of Red Rock Canyon, in conjunction with PIMedia, have announced the completed renovation and expansion of the official Friends of Red Rock Canyon website. PIMedia, a local social media/digital marketing firm, previously renovated and currently maintains the Bonnie Springs Ranch website and was recommended to Friends of Red Rock by the Events division at Bonnie Springs. In an effort to increase cooperation between the two Red Rock-centered organizations, PIMedia was brought in to develop a more accessible, consistent online presence. Together, the two organizations are hoping to preserve the area in its current condition while encouraging more visitors to experience everything Red Rock has to offer in-person.

“We believed one of the best things we could do to coordinate between our two organizations was to focus on the digital side of things,” said Friends of Red Rock Director Glenn Ritt. “Really, the goal has always been to increase awareness about Red Rock Canyon. That’s why we are out here in the first place, and that’s why it was important to us to make sure that we can reach people online in the easiest, most effective way possible.”

Since taking over the online marketing and website maintenance for Bonnie Springs Ranch, PIMedia has become directly involved in the Red Rock Canyon tourism market. Consequently, the firm was able to draw on its experience and familiarity with the region when preparing to renovate the Friends of Red Rock site. The finished site now boasts a more user-friendly overall design, as well as improved aesthetics, better content organization, and a fuller representation of Friends of Red Rock’s ongoing and past services. In addition to functioning as the go-to stop for anyone interested in the preservation of Red Rock Canyon, the site also serves as the ultimate resource for anyone looking to visit the area recreationally. With content on topics ranging from scenic hiking trails to nearby restaurants and lodging, the redesigned site provides all the information necessary to enjoy a trip to Red Rock Canyon.

“The information was there, and, of course, Friends of Red Rock has been dedicated to making all of this knowledge available to people at the click of a button for years,” said Debbie Harris, President and CEO of PIMedia. “But they saw it was time to modernize and begin to reach people they’ve never been able to before. Bonnie Springs makes up a big part of the traffic in and around Red Rock Canyon, and they also were dealing with an outdated site that had a lot of valuable (but unorganized) info when we started working with them. Now, all of the information related to Red Rock is available online in an easy-to-use setup, and users can go from one site to the other and find exactly what they’re looking for, without losing a step.”

Friends of Red Rock Canyon has contributed over $2.4 million in aid to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and actively works to protect the area’s natural environment. From graffiti removal and clean-up projects to educational experiences for Clark County students, Friends of Red Rock conducts numerous programs to ensure that visitors are able to appreciate all of the canyon’s wonders safely and respectfully. (

Founded in 1843 as a stopover for wagon trains on the way to California, Bonnie Springs Ranch was rehabilitated and converted into a family-friendly tourist attraction in 1958 by Bonnie McGaugh and Al Levinson. Since then, the site has expanded to include historical artifacts, stables, a non-profit zoo, a motel, a restaurant, a functioning saloon, and its main attraction, a reproduction of an 1880s mining community known as the “Old Town”. Bonnie Springs now hosts a variety of events on its premises, including corporate gatherings, educational field trips, family retreats, and weddings, as well as maintaining an outdoor rodeo arena. Bonnie Springs Ranch is located just 35 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, in the heart of Red Rock Canyon. (

PIMedia is a leading social media and digital marketing firm that has been aiding clients with their online presence since 2008. Founded by President and CEO Debbie Harris, a nationally-cited LinkedIn expert with an extensive background in digital marketing and a master’s degree in “Social Media Compliance and the Law”, PIMedia works to bolster its clients’ online marketing. Whether it is establishing and maintaining social media outreach campaigns to drive revenue or reconstructing websites from the ground up, each PIMedia project helps to promote the client’s visibility, appeal, and reputation. (

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