How To Find Your Next Big Client On LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn to gain clients

There’s no question that LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms for helping you get more clients. LinkedIn is king when it comes to finding new business, networking, and getting your name out there. The problem that many businesses face when it comes to using LinkedIn for Business as a sales resource is that the site is not used to its full capabilities. If you want to drive business to your site or get new clients, then revamping your LinkedIn profile and giving your page a makeover may be in order.

First impressions are everything, whether you are in the real world or in the virtual world. That’s why your photo needs to look professional. You wouldn’t walk into a business meeting in an old t-shirt and jeans, so why would you post a photo of yourself not looking your best? It’s worth the money to hire a professional photographer who specializes in social media images.

Next, make sure that your profile page headline stands out and is search friendly. Use keywords in your profile that potential clients will naturally search for. It’s important to highlight your credentials in your headline too—being the authority in any subject will help bring in new business. Make sure your headline is bold enough to grab the attention of potential clients. Don’t be afraid to be creative.

Your profile headline will bring new business to your LinkedIn for Business profile, but your profile summary can seal the deal. By writing your summary in the first-person you can communicate directly with your future customers. Think of your summary as a cover letter where you can highlight your achievements, skills, and what you can do for your clients. It’s an opportunity to show who you are and the value that your business brings. If writing isn’t your forte, then it’s worth hiring a skilled business writer to complete your profile.

Once your profile page is completed, it’s time to connect with your business prospects. By using common search terms related to your target industry you can find connections in LinkedIn Groups. There are many benefits to using LinkedIn Groups such as making contacts, job postings, and, of course, finding new clients. You can narrow down your search even further by using the Advanced Search option LinkedIn provides.

After joining a group, begin your lead generation by sending out connection requests. Be specific about who you are targeting and how you can best serve their business needs. Read their profiles and gain an understanding of what niche you can fill for them. Once your connection request is accepted send a simple thank you message; this is your chance to engage the potential client in an informal message exchange. While you may not want to seem overly aggressive in forming connections on LinkedIn, it is important to remain active and (politely) reach out to relevant potential contacts.

Whether you are communicating face-to-face or in the virtual world, it’s important to provide your connections with information that will be helpful to their company. For instance, you can share relevant white papers, case studies, articles, or reports to show that you are interested in their field of expertise. Writing your own articles for publication on the platform is also a great way to get noticed as an authority and leader in your field. Look for your connections in your groups and be sure to form a dialogue with them in the business arena as well.

When you have built a solid online relationship with your connections, request a meeting with them. This can be as informal as a cup of coffee or as formal as meeting at your business. This is an important step when it comes to gaining new clients and should not be overlooked. Now is the time when the social networking pays off and it’s time to close the deal!


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