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Will Facebook start charging for Messenger?  Direct Messages on Facebook has become a significant new form of communication.  Over 1 billion people are using Facebook Messenger or DM (Direct Message).  Amazing, isn’t it?  How often do you go there instead of email or texting?  Never mind not picking up the phone to call.  “Picking up the phone,” I wonder, is that still an accurate statement or am I dating myself?  Cell phones do not sit on receivers.  In any event, we are using Facebook Messenger for personal communication and of course, for business communication.  Engaging with clients, customers and in our case, responding for our clients on their Facebook Page Messenger.

Every so often, I got a DM telling me that I am going to have to start paying for Facebook Messenger.  I just got one this week.  It is a lengthy message with a lot of detail.  The precise time they will begin charging and how much you will pay. This message stated, “.37 cents unless I was a frequent user with more than 10 contacts.”  I suppose that the sheer volume of detail makes it seem more real. Especially when a video is attached with Mark Zuckerberg presumably discussing it.  DO NOT CLICK ON THAT VIDEO.  I did not as I am always super cautious when things just don’t “smell right.”

My point is, be careful and be logical.  Would something like this be passed around in Messenger like all the “chain” messages you get?  I don’t pass those on either.  Are you old enough to remember Chain Letters through the mail?  I am and it is still just as frustrating to receive these messages of Money Coming to Me if I send it to 10 friends on Facebook.

Facebook is not charging for Messenger.  Facebook does not charge us to use the platform.  Facebook charges for advertising.  Facebook advertising works.  Facebook definitely has its trials and tribulations, mostly around privacy.  That is to be expected with something so large and so powerful.  It is a big easy target.  Rest assured that if Facebook were to start charging for Messenger, it would likely get quite a bit of flack from EVERYONE!

Facebook is not charging for Messenger.  That rumor went around two years ago as well and undoubtedly will resurface again and again.  Facebook has revolutionized the way we communicate. both personally and professionally.  Think of its reach.  Enjoy using Messenger and be aware of Direct Messages that state that Facebook will be charging you for its use.  Please also remember that Direct Messages are not PRIVATE.  Do not put personal and/or confidential information in DM.  The illusion of privacy has made us a bit lazy.  We see it all the time; medical information, social security numbers, etc.  Do not put this information on Facebook.

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