Don’t Get Ripped Off on Your Digital Marketing

Be Smart About Your Online/Digital Marketing

Okay, so I rarely go down the negative path. What prompted me here is that we are seeing so many business owners, professionals and organizations get ripped off when it comes to online/digital marketing. What do I mean?

  • First and foremost, understand what it is you are wanting to accomplish. Are you looking to build your brand? Perhaps you want to increase your Likes, Followers, Connections on your social media. Or, are you building your email list? Maybe you are even looking to convert and make sales. Lots to ponder. Of course, you may want to do all of these. Be clear on what you wish to accomplish with a marketing company.
  • What is your budget? I ask potential clients all the time, “Do you have a budget for marketing?” I almost always get, “Well, tell me what it is going to cost to do this.” For us, that is just a circular conversation, as we design specifically for each client’s needs. Have an answer to that question BEFORE you ask for a proposal from a marketing company.
  • Keep an eye on what’s going on. This is likely the most important part. I have sat with several clients who never bothered to see what their social media marketing company was posting on their social media. Or whether they were boosting/advertising effectively on Facebook. Just take a look every now and then. One prospect I met with was shocked to find out that his social media marketing person was putting up motivational quotes every day on their business Facebook page. That’s it–for months–with no info about the company, links to their website or anything else.
  • Have the keys to your kingdom. In other words, don’t be held hostage to a web designer and/or a marketing company, EVER. They may set up your social media (as we do for clients that do not have any); however, we always give them their logins and passwords. We never and I repeat never hold their website hostage. They own their hosting. How many times have we heard, “I don’t know how to access my website.” Or better yet, “No, it’s not finished. My sister’s boyfriend’s friend was doing our website and now my sister and her boyfriend broke up. I don’t even know where to find the boyfriend’s friend.” Oy Vey!
  • Get updated reports. Have your marketing company provide you with reports updating how your social media marketing is progressing. Ask questions.
  • ROI – of course, you want a return on your marketing investment. This can be difficult when you are looking at social media because social media is a huge influencer. It helps people validate your business, research you and ask their “friends” what they think. That validation is hard to put a price on. If I go to Facebook and find your Facebook page and then two days later go to your website and purchase something, has Facebook given you a return on investment? Yes, however, you might never know it.

There are a ton of great social media/marketing/web design companies. The key is to understand what they are going to do for you and to stay involved in the process. Remember that social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, etc. take time. This is not something that happens in a week, a month or even 6 months. You must diligently build it and nurture it and integrate all your branding with your messaging. Give your digital marketing time to grow. If done right, it will grow exponentially over time.

Have an awesome holiday season. Fill it with love, laughter, food, family, friends, fun, football and remember all your blessings.

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