Don’t Forget Facebook

Don’t make the mistake of thinking Facebook is done

I often hear comments from clients, prospects, and colleagues that Facebook is losing people. They want me to further justify using Facebook for their business when the evidence is overwhelming that they should. Let me be clear – if you want to reach eyeballs to brand your business, validate your business, engage with customers and potential customers, don’t forget about the biggest social platform around, Facebook.

According to Pew Internet Research, 69% of American adults say they use the platform. Probably more important is the fact that of those that use the platform, about 74% visit it every day. How many of you check Facebook on your phone early in the morning and then throughout your day? Here’s another important statistic, 68% of those 50-64 and almost 50% of those over 65 use Facebook.

Facebook has become a sharing platform for doing research on companies, products, and services that we may want to use. It is also where we ask for recommendations from Facebook “friends”, put up Reviews, Engage with companies and check to see what everyone is doing. It’s where we validate a business.

Yes, there are periodic untrue rumors that float around about Facebook charging for services or requiring you to Post something on your profile about them sharing your photos. There are also various articles that show up about Facebook being sued by various courts for various things related to privacy and of course, people do have their profiles hacked. Make sure you have two-step verification on your Facebook profile.

All this being said, it is still the place you want to be to promote your product or service. Here’s why:

  • Brand your product and/or service
  • Validate your product and/or service
  • Engage with your customers and potential customers
  • Be transparent about your company, product and/or service
  • Help with your SEO on the web
  • People Sharing your Posts
  • If your competition is there, you better be too
  • Boosting/Ads to increase eyeballs on your brand

Facebook and all social media platforms will continue to evolve. Compliance remains an important element so be sure to understand your industry’s best practices and Facebook’s ever-changing terms and policies. Don’t give up on Facebook or you’ll be the one left behind.

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