Digital Works for Finding Labor

Find your labor by going digital

Did you know you can find your labor force by going digital?  Construction is booming again and a shortage of labor is a major challenge.  Unfortunately, the labor shortage is going to increase.  That means construction companies and subcontractors of all kinds may not be able to bid on new contracts.  Going digital and using social media platforms to find labor works.  Since it is important to be where people are, social media makes perfect sense.  Gone are the days of everyone going through Monster.com all day long.  While LinkedIn is still your excellent platform for some skilled labor and certainly, management positions, it is not the best choice for unskilled or semi-skilled labor.

Digital is where you want to be.  You want to emphasize all the great aspects of your company: family owned, employee-centric, great benefits, awesome pay, full or part-time…whatever your particular strong-points are.  You want to tell the story of your company with pictures of current employees.  Smiling faces attract people so be sure your employees are smiling in the pictures.  Jobsite pictures are also great. Be sure that all safety requirements are met when displaying photos, i.e. hardhats, clean job sites, etc.

Facebook and Instagram are two great social platforms for finding labor.  Use a lot of photos.  Post about how long your employees stay with you.  Tell stories of employees who have come up the ranks.  Don’t be bashful about the great lifestyle that a career in construction can give someone.  What about those who want to earn enough money to go to college or grad school?  Share that 4-5 years in construction can give someone the freedom to move on to their next career.  Go ahead and brag about your safety training and safety record.

Remember to boost your posts on Facebook and Instagram. Set up your Facebook pixel and connect to your website. Have your Instagram Business Page connected to your Facebook Business Page.  When picking your demographics, remember you must choose 18-65+ and cannot, in any way, use any language that might be discriminatory to anyone.  Have a landing page or specific page on your website where applicants can go to learn more and fill out information so you can contact them.  Maybe you can have them attach their resume.  Keep in mind that you may be reaching a population that doesn’t have a resume.  Maybe they need their OSHA-10 card.

Be sure that they receive a timely response if they express an interest.  Competition is steep all over the United States for labor in construction and various trades.  Make a GREAT first impression.  They are interviewing you just as you are interviewing them.

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