Are You Thinking Big Enough for Your Business? (PIMedia)

Are You Thinking Big?

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With all of the work that goes into developing and maintaining a functioning business, it can be tempting to accept a steady, reliable level of success as the best you can hope for. For many professionals, however, optimizing a business means going beyond just “getting by” and seeing firsthand the full potential of digital marketing […]

Instagram, Snapchat & Periscope – is it time?

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Instagram, Snapchat & Periscope – is it time?  I look at the “flavor of the month” platforms that come out and I am often asked “what should I do with ______”?  As you are probably aware, younger people tend to be early adopters of many of the social platforms/apps that come out. Instagram, Snapchat and […]

Does your company have an open door policy? Social media maybe the best reason to make sure you do.

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Does your company have a true open door policy? If not, social media may motivate you to implement one right now. Social media gives everyone a voice and you could find yourself defending your company’s reputation because an employee didn’t feel comfortable going to management. I remember hearing about an “open door” policy at the […]