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Have You Seen Your Business Recently?

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Viewing Your Business on Google and LinkedIn We business owners often proclaim the benefits of attempting to “see the world” through our clients’ eyes, and the pursuit of that ideal often accounts for a good chunk of our marketing budgets, as well as our time. For all of our faith in the public’s discerning and […]

Defining Your LinkedIn Value Proposition - Debbie Harris, PIMedia

What Makes Your Business Unique?

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Defining Your Value Proposition on LinkedIn Whenever I introduce professionals to the concept of gaining new clients through LinkedIn marketing, the first topic of conversation is, of course, what makes their business or service unique. Especially in light of LinkedIn’s recent limitation on weekly user connections, crafting a concise, compelling value proposition is paramount to […]

Cold Calling Won't Cut It - LinkedIn Marketing and Sales (Debbie Harris)

Cold Calling Simply Won’t Cut It Anymore

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRw0JmdnP-chttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHOmBV4js_E LinkedIn Marketing and Sales Acquisition While there are many aspects of traditional business marketing that still bear relevance in the digital age–and I routinely speak to the value of personal interaction and well-crafted promotional campaigns–“cold calling” is certainly not one of them. It is no longer a matter of if but when you should […]

Speaking in Your Voice & Building a Business Profile - Debbie Harris, PIMedia

Are You Speaking in Your Voice?

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Crafting an Honest Business Profile Speaking in “your voice” means conveying your message honestly and directly in a manner that truly represents you and your business. These are your words, and they are meant to relate your story–not someone else’s. It is not self-centered to discuss yourself in your own “About” section; that’s what it’s […]

LinkedIn is NOT Magic, But it Works - Digital Marketing Results & Expectations

LinkedIn is NOT Magic

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Digital Marketing Results and Realistic Expectations No social platform or digital marketing tool is a cure-all, and even in 2021 there is no absolute, guaranteed method for attracting paying clients every hour on the hour. Particularly for professionals who are starting “from nothing”, it is imperative to remember to hold realistic expectations about the level […]