When it comes to the dangers of nude selfies, older teens are more aware than you may think

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This past weekend I had the opportunity to witness high school juniors talk about inappropriate nude selfies on social media and smartphones.  I was impressed with their awareness.  I spent last weekend in Fawskin, CA at Camp Whittle.  For those who don’t know (and I didn’t) Fawnskin is about 40 minutes from Big Bear and […]

Cyber-bullying on social media

Cyberbullying – Let’s Make a Difference in 2014

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Happy New Year!! Always at the start of the New Year, I read people’s New Year’s Resolutions plastered all over social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  I never make New Year’s Resolutions but I do want to state loud and clear that in 2014 I will work diligently to put a significant […]

Facebook, Teenagers, Free Speech and Cyberbullying

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Over the past six weeks, I have had the pleasure of speaking to almost 400 teenagers about issues surrounding social media.  We talked about cyberbullying, privacy and freedom of speech on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram, etc.  The students ranged from 8th graders through 12th grade.  It’s fascinating to talk to […]

Regulatory Oversight, Social Media and Privacy

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Some industries have regulatory oversight for their employees which includes social media.  When I worked as the Social Media Director for a real estate company here in Las Vegas, Nevada, it was clear that part of the Broker’s oversight responsibility was the Internet and Social Media.  What their agents were saying on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, […]