Social media for your business. Are you still confused?

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Each week I talk with business owners and professionals about social media and so many of them are confused.  It has become quite evident that while I no longer hear, “Social media is a fad.  I’m not going to bother with it” or “I can’t do this, I’m too old”, I do hear “Okay, I […]

Regulatory Oversight, Social Media and Privacy

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Some industries have regulatory oversight for their employees which includes social media.  When I worked as the Social Media Director for a real estate company here in Las Vegas, Nevada, it was clear that part of the Broker’s oversight responsibility was the Internet and Social Media.  What their agents were saying on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, […]

CEO Completes Master’s, Launches DoWeComply.Com

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PDF: DWC CEO Launch Las Vegas, NV July 10, 2013 – CEO Debbie Harris has earned her Master’s Degree in Social Media Compliance and the Law, graduating summa cum laude from Regis University, Denver, CO.   In celebration of her achievement, her company has launched – A media and technology site focused on Social Media Compliance […]

An American Paradox – Social Media and Privacy

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[adsanity id=2045 align=alignright /]This whole issue of Privacy interests me because we seem to be very sensitive to it when it comes to our personal privacy.  Yet, I am continually amazed by the personal and often intimate details that people put on Facebook.  I am a true believer in the power of social media but […]

SEC and Social Media

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SEC and SOCIAL MEDIA SEC and Social Media are words you might not have expected to see in the same sentence.  The front page of last Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal (April 3, 2013) sported the headline SEC Embraces Social Media.  The SEC has decided that social media platforms are another legitimate communication vehicle for disseminating […]