Frustrated with Technology

Are You Frustrated Too?

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I am frustrated, are you?  Why, you wonder?  It’s pretty simple, it’s all the technology we deal with all the time.  Yes, I own a digital marketing company.  Yes, I love social media.  Yes, we help our clients grow their business and our own using digital marketing.  All of that is true but sometimes I want […]

Social Media – A Cotton Candy Pink Elephant

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Is social media YOUR cotton candy pink elephant? A cotton candy pink elephant is what I imagined when I tacked up the expression, “You can’t eat the elephant in one bite” on my office wall many years ago. After that I took it even further and had a pink elephant tattoo beautifully done on my […]

Instagram, Snapchat & Periscope – is it time?

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Instagram, Snapchat & Periscope – is it time?  I look at the “flavor of the month” platforms that come out and I am often asked “what should I do with ______”?  As you are probably aware, younger people tend to be early adopters of many of the social platforms/apps that come out. Instagram, Snapchat and […]