Facebook post boosts, page boosts and advertising. Should I be doing these?

I have recently been working with a client where I recommended boosting Facebook posts and their business Facebook page.  I was sure that the boosting would allow us to engage with people and build up an initial number of Likes on this new Facebook business page.  I was correct (we went from 8 Likes to 2047 in about 3 weeks) about that but want to point out some important facts related to boosting posts and boosting your Facebook business page.  Many people ask us about running advertising on Facebook and we do manage that for our clients. Advertising and boosting are two separate areas of acquiring engagement on Facebook.  Both cost money and both can achieve a following, new customers and product or service sales but you have to know what you are doing.  Don’t throw money away boosting or advertising on Facebook unless you have a goal and a plan. Running ads which coordinate with Facebook page and post boosts can be very effective.

Here’s a few points to note:

  • When you Boost a Post, make sure it is interesting and has a picture connected with it.  Remember to purchase pictures from a site such as canstockphoto.com or others.  Do not just “take” pictures off the Internet.
  • Choose demographics for your boosted Facebook post.  We matched our boosted posts to the same demographics we were targeting for the Facebook ads.
  • So, key point – if you combine Facebook ads and Facebook post boosts you can focus in on a highly detailed target and reach them in two ways:
    • Ads should be designed, tested and managed on a daily basis
    • Ads will appear on the right-hand side of the Facebook page for those people you targeted
    • Boosted posts will appear in the Newsfeed so are more apt to be seen
      • This is why you will pay more per new Like on the boosted Facebook post than for the Facebook ad
  • Boosting your Facebook page can also be productive – again selecting similar demographics to where you were boosting your Post and advertising.
  • Check your Facebook Analytics under People and see where your Likes are coming from:
    • Male or Female
    • Age Group
    • Location by City
  • Match your Facebook post boosts and page boosts with where you are getting your Likes from.
  • Remember to not just Sell your product or service – make things interesting:
    • Research activities going on in those particular cities such as Fall, Halloween, Shopping, Events, etc.
    • Cater to make or male or female audiences
    • Change up the time of day or your boosted Facebook posts
    • Pick a budget that is reasonable – Facebook will give you guidelines
    • Use Humor
    • Stay away from anything political or religious
    • If you have pictures from a networking event or other event for your business – post them and boost them
    • You can pre-schedule your Facebook boosted posts/page – click the little clock in the Status box
    • Give people a reason to want to go to your page, stay connected with it and Share it
  • Probably the most important point to remember – if you are having people Click over to your website for your product or service your website must be:
    • Quick to load
    • Immediately engaging
    • Information is given in a scroll down format
    • Mobile ready
    • Always send people to where they can take action and tell them what you want them to do – what is the Call to Action
    • Collect emails off your website so you can combine Facebook ads, Facebook post boosts and email marketing – give them something valuable to download or a chance to win something (be sure and follow all legal guidelines)
  • Facebook is still a great place to grow your business but it will not happen over night.  It is not a “build it and they will come” vehicle.  You must be diligent, consistent and committed to a long term approach.
  • Have some fun with it and get help if you need it.  Remember the Law of Attraction. 

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