Boosting Posts On Facebook is a Great Bang for Your Buck

Boosting posts on Facebook is a great bang for your buck. No kidding. Facebook post boosting can have a dramatic impact on brand recognition, Facebook page Likes and driving people to your website and/or landing page. I am not talking about Facebook ads that show up on the right-hand side of our page when we are on Facebook. I am talking about Boosting Facebook posts, not running Facebook ads. We don’t usually recommend Facebook ads but often recommend Facebook post boosting. Why?

Boosting a post allows you to manage your budget and target people who might be likely to Like Your Page and/or engage with your Facebook post. If you are putting up a new Facebook Business Page, it’s a good idea to get a few posts up before you decide to boost the page. You want people to see something when they get there. There are two ways to boost; you can boost the page for Facebook Likes or you can boost a particular post.

Let’s take a look at Boosting for Facebook Likes to your page. I made a mistake on this one so I want to prevent you from doing the same thing. When you boost for people to Like your Page, the budget amount is a Daily amount not a Total amount. You can see how not realizing this can be a big issue when the money adds up. I think boosting your page to get more Facebook Likes is a good idea every six months or so BUT please remember you are indicating a Daily Budget. Choose how much you want to spend, maybe start with $5 per day and see how many Likes you get. You will want to indicate your Audience; Gender, Age, Location(s) and then Interests. What would someone have engaged with on Facebook that has something to do with your Facebook page? For example, if you are promoting your new gym/fitness center, you might select people who have an interest in Fitness, Yoga, Running and have similar Hobbies and Activities.

Boost Your Page


Boost Likes Daily budget

Now let’s take a look at Boosting a Post on Facebook. The other opportunity with Facebook post boosting is to boost a post so that you can encourage people to click over to your website. Be sure to send them to exactly where you want them to go and have a Call to Action when they get there. Often times, a single Landing Page will be the best option so that they are sent directly to wherever you want them to take action.

This boosting a post will generate engagement if you choose a catchy photograph or a very short engaging video. I mean very short, maybe 15-30 seconds. We often create animated or whiteboard “teaser” videos for our clients which are great for boosting. Same as with the Facebook Likes you want to pick your demographics criteria. This time you also want to specify Interests. Think about this for a few minutes. What is your post about? What message are you sending? What Interests might relate to your message?

If you are targeting an age group that would likely have young children, think about what they might have Liked on Facebook. Children’s books, movies, games and toys that their kids might be watching. People looking to save money might have engaged with the list we show below. 

Boosting Interests 8.5.16

I have found Boosting Posts with engaging photos very effective. People like to see faces and children and women are great in photos. Use or Never take pictures off the web even when you Google “free photos”. Look at the fine print. Short videos are also great and people tend to share them. Keep them very short, 30 seconds or less unless it is really something that requires more time but do not go over 2 minutes.

A caution – we have noticed that Facebook will charge more than the Total Budget Amount and have discovered that there seems to be a small additional charge for “impressions” on the Boosted posts. I have researched and researched and cannot find a satisfactory explanation anywhere. Watch your totals and remember that you will also be charged California sales tax on all of your boosted Facebook posts.

Bottom line on Facebook post boosting – it can be very effective for low cost. Google Adwords/PayPerClick advertising can become very very costly depending on your business and your target market. Facebook boosting can be a great alternative that can fit into most marketing budgets. Try it out and let us know how it goes!

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