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Social Media for the Holidays

3 Tips for Holiday Social Media

Be a part of holiday social media conversations! This time of year it seems that every recipe, gift, trip, family picture and holiday decorations are posted on social media. People are excited to share, especially with family and friends who are long-distance. Think about it, we didn’t always have Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat

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Get Clients from LinkedIn

3 Quick Tips to LinkedIn Success

3 Simple Steps to Gaining Clients from LinkedIn It seems that every week I am asked “HOW do you gain clients from LinkedIn?” Of course, it is imperative that before you put these three tips into practice, you have a full, completed LinkedIn profile using keywords, etc. Why spend time marketing if your profile (resume, bio, footprint

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Grow Your Facebook Business Page

It’s Time to Grow Your Facebook Business Page

It’s time to catch up on Facebook with a Business Page Last week I attended a wonderful all-day digital marketing seminar here in Las Vegas. There were about 80 attendees at the event. I was so surprised to learn that many of these business people did not have a Facebook Business Page.  It got me

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WP-Client is a secure portal that is installed into your WordPress Website. Secure Client Portals & Online Invoicing Easily used by “techy” and “not-so-techy” Administrators One plugin configures multiple areas of your WordPress installation and allows the site Administrator to easily create new Client Areas, Client Management Portals, Client Estimates & Invoices, Client File Upload Areas,

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Email Marketing is Very Important

How’s Your Email Marketing?

Email is so important to increase revenue. I have to admit that each week we learn more ways to enhance email marketing as Solution Providers for Constant Contact. Each new technique we learn is passed on to our clients as we manage email marketing for them. We have used several service providers over the past

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Debbie Harris

Debbie Harris: Keynote Speaker

Though busy serving as President and CEO of Performance Intermedia, LLC, Debbie Harris, MA actively extends her expertise on social media, networking, and marketing through consultation and keynote speaking. Ms. Harris graduated summa cum laude from Regis University with a Master’s degree in Social Media Compliance and the Law, bringing together over three decades of business

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Reciprocal Mentoring Works

Reciprocal Mentoring Really Works

It’s time to benefit from reciprocal mentoring. Are you? Reciprocal mentoring may be just the thing you need to help your company grow. I hear a lot about Millennials and the issues employers are having with them. I have not found that to be the case. I have worked with young people; my son is

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Marketing with LinkedIn

6 Easy Steps for Marketing on LinkedIn

Here’s a schedule you can use for business building with LinkedIn I know the most common concern of my clients is “How will I find the time to do what you are teaching me on LinkedIn?” While in many cases we take on the social media marketing/reputation management/engagement for our clients, LinkedIn still requires some

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LinkedIn Profile Changes

Learn about Your New LinkedIn Profile

Yes, Your LinkedIn Profile is Totally Different – Here’s the Scoop One of the most challenging things about being a social media expert is the constant changing of social media platforms. I do a lot of LinkedIn Profile Optimizations and over the past three weeks have been working on profiles that are now completely different.

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The Handshake is important in neworking

Networking Can be Worthwhile

You should be getting business if you’re networking the right way Ever get the feeling that you might scream if you have to go to another networking event? Do you go because you feel that you should and leave wondering why you went to that networking event? It can be downright exhausting to spend time

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Spending money on Facebook next year.

Will Facebook Charge for Use in 2017?

“Do you have a business budget in place for Facebook use?” This is a question I get every year, not just now at the end of 2016. In fact, there have been several “rumors” of that nature for the past few years. They seem to pop up every now and then and spread through social

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Social media and holiday shopping, holiday social media

3 Must Do Steps for Your Holiday Social Media Business Success

Get a jump on your competition in “holiday social media”! It is probably no surprise to you that social media is extremely active during the holiday season. What may surprise you is that suddenly the holiday season is here. The Presidential campaign took up so much of our collective time, energy and stamina that maybe you didn’t realize

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Millennials, Reaching millennial clients

Are you reaching Millennials?

Millennials are your customers and clients. Are you reaching Millennials for your business? It seems that there is a lot of discussion about how to market to the Millennials who are now between 20 and mid-30’s. Obviously, Millennials in their early 20’s are going to be different than those entering their mid-30’s. That being said,

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Hashtag returns to LinkedIn

The hashtag returns to LinkedIn and that’s good news! How many times have you seen a status update on LinkedIn and wanted to go back to it later? Try finding it, right? Now the trusty helpful hashtag will enable you to search for Status Updates and Published Posts on LinkedIn. The one caveat is that it

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Football, debbie Harris, collin Caepernick, national anthem

Is Colin Kaepernick your employee?

Is Colin Kaepernick your employee? Unless you’re the owner of the San Francisco 49ers, the answer is no. I know that his actions have prompted a lot of discussion about Free Speech and caused quite a controversy. I am looking at it here from an employer/employee standpoint. In most instances in the United States you are

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Boosting Posts On Facebook is a Great Bang for Your Buck

Boosting posts on Facebook is a great bang for your buck. No kidding. Facebook post boosting can have a dramatic impact on brand recognition, Facebook page Likes and driving people to your website and/or landing page. I am not talking about Facebook ads that show up on the right-hand side of our page when we

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Video, debbie harris, Pimedia

Facebook Boosting Video

Debbie Harris & Facebook Boosting Presented by 5 Star Economy   Debbie Harris and Brian Williams discuss the power of boosting a Facebook post to drive traffic to your website. Enjoy!

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