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20 Minutes to LinkedIn Success - Free Session with PIMedia's Debbie Harris

20 Minutes to LinkedIn Success – Let’s Optimize Your Profile

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTJAaqv9gHo I am offering 20 minutes of my time with no strings attached to review your LinkedIn profile, give you helpful tips to make it stand out, and answer any questions you have about converting connections into clients. Let’s get you leveraging the best professional platform for your business. You will LOVE what you look

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Do Real Business with Trustegrity Networking Events, Debbie Harris of PIMedia

Real Business is Being Done with Trustegrity

Are you watching Netflix or taking your business to the next level during this forced isolation? Real business is being done everyday on Trustegrity via virtual meetings. While the temptation to let our traditional duties slide may be stronger than ever, business owners are still in a position to not only maintain but expand through

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LinkedIn Can Help Grow Your Business, Debbie Harris of PIMedia

LinkedIn Can Help Grow Your Business

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj022oTOexc Maintaining Your Business Development Digitally Are you starting to get anxious about growing your business during this crazy time of isolation? Fortunately, there are plenty of digital solutions for business networking and development, with LinkedIn chief among them. The LinkedIn platform’s setup and functionality are tailored to professionals, including small business owners, and allow

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Networking Essentials: Building Relationships, Debbie Harris of PIMedia

Networking: Building Relationships

The Personal Side of Networking So…you have decided on a couple of networking groups that seem right for your and your business and even suit your schedule. Now, what do you do? Building rewarding, relevant relationships is the foundation of business networking, and you should not begin to reach out to other professionals until you

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Networking Tips: Don't Over-Commit, Debbie Harris of PIMedia

Networking: Don’t Over-Commit

Time Management & Networking You know that business networking is important and you have decided to make 2020 your most successful business year yet. You are checking out different groups and events to see what business networking approach works for you. A big challenge is using your time most effectively. So many of us have

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Networking Essentials: Types of Groups, Debbie Harris of PIMedia

Networking: Types of Groups

Who Should You Be Meeting? Figuring out exactly where to network can be challenging. Here are some tips on identifying which networking groups and circles might work best for you. Listen closely, I misspoke in this video, can you tell me where? For more tips on networking and marketing your business effectively, contact me at

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Understanding Email Reporting to Improve Your Email Marketing, PIMedia

Email Reporting: What to Look For

Sending out a great email is just the beginning. Now let’s see how you did. Email reporting is, of course, essential to evaluating how effective your campaigns are and can help you understand what changes to make going forward. Any email reporting display should also show you who clicked and what link they clicked on.

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Finding the Right Email Marketing Content

Finding the Right Email Content

Successful Email Marketing Essentials By now, you know that email marketing is an indispensable element in your digital marketing strategy. But what should you actually put in your emails? Here are some great tips to help you boost your email marketing content strategy and deliver more rewarding, appealing information to contacts, increasing your ROI in

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Do More Business with LinkedIn by Debbie Harris, PIMedia

Do Business with LinkedIn

Maintain Your Business Growth through LinkedIn The coronavirus has us all a bit crazy. Many people are working from home full-time. How do you still connect? Prospect? You have a fantastic tool right in front of you, LinkedIn. For prospect development and professional-to-professional networking, LinkedIn remains an amazing outlet for you and your business. It’s

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Building Your Email List for Success by Debbie Harris, PIMedia

Email Marketing: List Building for Success

More Contacts = More Clients Consistently building out your email list with valuable contacts is always going to be an essential component of your email marketing–no matter your industry or level of success. Even before you settle on the type or amount of content you want to distribute, filling your list with contacts who are

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Where Do You Go for Advice?

The Importance of a Professional Peer Group Having a professional peer group is probably more important than ever. I know that we can do almost anything remotely these days; however, I still place a very high value on the ability to sit in a room with other professionals and business owners. Why? Building deep trusting

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Are You Making Videos? The Importance of Video Marketing

Are You Making Videos?

It’s time to commit to video marketing There is no question that video marketing is effective, essential and will increase your conversion when used in your digital marketing. Our smartphones are now fully capable of providing the quality we need for these marketing videos. Proper lighting and sound are key elements; however, you do not

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Are You Thinking Big Enough for Your Business? (PIMedia)

Are You Thinking Big?

With all of the work that goes into developing and maintaining a functioning business, it can be tempting to accept a steady, reliable level of success as the best you can hope for. For many professionals, however, optimizing a business means going beyond just “getting by” and seeing firsthand the full potential of digital marketing

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3 Tips to Help Improve Your LinkedIn Profile, PIMedia

3 Quick Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Increase Search Appearances and Get Your Name Out There By now, we all know that LinkedIn is the business to business platform. Used properly and consistently, it WILL garner you new clients. The very first step is your LinkedIn profile. It’s your resume online and where people go to “check you out.” Whether they are

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Don't Forget Facebook Marketing, PIMedia

Don’t Forget Facebook

Don’t make the mistake of thinking Facebook is done I often hear comments from clients, prospects, and colleagues that Facebook is losing people. They want me to further justify using Facebook for their business when the evidence is overwhelming that they should. Let me be clear – if you want to reach eyeballs to brand

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Making Videos for Higher Conversion

I Hate Doing Videos

If you are like me, you dislike talking into your phone, laptop or video camera to record personal videos to market your products or services. I absolutely love getting up in front of an audience and speaking. That is never an issue for me, but tell me to talk to the camera and it’s another

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Talk is not cheap, talking returns to networking

Talk Is Not Cheap

Talk Is Not Cheap Talking may just make a comeback. I have been spending a good amount of time lately talking to people on the phone. Using a program I have to reach potential clients, my calendar is filled each week with phone appointments with people I have never spoken to before. The calls last

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