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Workforce Development for the Construction Industry, PIMedia

Workforce Development for the Construction Industry

The idea of bringing in new talent through the Internet is not exactly foreign. Online recruitment and screen-to-screen job interviews are not uncommon these days, even in the oldest and most stable of professions. Nevertheless, the decreasing emphasis on traditional “professionalism”, itself a consequence of the Internet’s influence, has stretched the hiring process well beyond

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LinkedIn Profile Changes

Facebook Charging for Messenger

Will Facebook start charging for Messenger?  Direct Messages on Facebook has become a significant new form of communication.  Over 1 billion people are using Facebook Messenger or DM (Direct Message).  Amazing, isn’t it?  How often do you go there instead of email or texting?  Never mind not picking up the phone to call.  “Picking up

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Construction Hiring, Labor for Construction, PIMedia

Tips for construction hiring through Facebook & Instagram

Are you hiring employees this year? The construction industry will continue to grow through 2020. Are you fully staffed? I know that hiring people can be tricky. It can take up a lot of your time to find labor. The best scenario would be to have lots of job applicants that you can choose from.

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3 Tips for Your 2019 Digital Marketing

2019 is fast approaching and digital marketing is not slowing down.  If anything, it is essential that you create a consistent, well-planned digital presence.  Most businesses have at least stuck a toe in the digital marketing water.  Email marketing, social media marketing, updating your website, social advertising, and writing blogs are all part of your

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Desert Greens Chooses PIMedia to Market Final Phase

Desert Greens Chooses PIMedia to Market Final Phase

PIMedia tasked with the final phase of Desert Greens Pahrump, NV – Desert Greens Properties has chosen Pahrump’s PIMedia to market the sale of the final phase of the homes in the Desert Greens community.  Desert Greens is a 55+ golf community for active adults who want a beautiful home without the burden of traditional

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Friends of Red Rock Canyon Unveils New Website

Friends of Red Rock Canyon Unveils New Website, Partnership with Bonnie Springs Ranch

Friends of Red Rock Canyon Unveils New Website, Partnership with Bonnie Springs Ranch Las Vegas, NV—November 12, 2018: Bonnie Springs Ranch and Friends of Red Rock Canyon, in conjunction with PIMedia, have announced the completed renovation and expansion of the official Friends of Red Rock Canyon website. PIMedia, a local social media/digital marketing firm, previously

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Social media and privacy, social media for business

I Hate Social Media, But…

I hate social media but I know my business needs it. This is a statement we hear every so often.  While most people are engaged in some social media personally, there are those that simply cannot stand the thought of being “out there.”  Then there are those that have a Facebook profile but never really

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Holiday Shopping via Smartphone

Holiday Time is Social Media Time

Social media is crazy busy during holiday time.  It’s hard to believe this week is already November…Halloween a day away.  If you think people spend a lot of time on social media these days, holiday time is even more intense.  Over 50% of people do their holiday shopping in December.  I should know.  I have

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Facebook Engagement Tips from PIMedia

How Do I Get More Engagement on Facebook

Getting more engagement on Facebook This is definitely one of the questions I get asked most often.  How do I increase engagement on Facebook?  We are discussing a Facebook Business Page, not your Profile.  My most recent blog on boosting for beginners is definitely a major key to Facebook engagement. Facebook is a “pay to

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Facebook boosting and advertising

Why Facebook Boosting for Business?

Facebook boosting is incredibly effective for your business.  Having said that, how do you boost to get the most out of your dollars?  Small businesses are not taking advantage of this important marketing tool.  I see it every day.  Clients seem to know that they need to do it but have no idea how.  Let’s

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Going Digital Works for Finding Labor, Social media works for construction labor

Digital Works for Finding Labor

Find your labor by going digital Did you know you can find your labor force by going digital?  Construction is booming again and a shortage of labor is a major challenge.  Unfortunately, the labor shortage is going to increase.  That means construction companies and subcontractors of all kinds may not be able to bid on

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Digital workforce development

Silver Lake Construction Goes Digital for Workforce Development

Las Vegas, NV—August 28, 2018 – The Silver Lake Construction Company, one of southern Nevada’s largest and most respected residential concrete contractors, has announced a partnership with PIMedia to help the company grow its workforce. With the continued economic rebound of southern Nevada, construction companies are now competing for the available local workforce to meet

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LinkedIn recommendations

How To Find Your Next Big Client On LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn to gain clients There’s no question that LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms for helping you get more clients. LinkedIn is king when it comes to finding new business, networking, and getting your name out there. The problem that many businesses face when it comes to using LinkedIn for Business

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Facebook and Workforce Development

5 Tips to Using Facebook for Workforce Development

Workforce development and Facebook can be a good match. As the economy continues to rebound, particularly in certain fields and in certain places, workforce development can be a challenge.  Here in the Las Vegas area, construction is booming again and labor is hard to find.  When the recession hit and hit hard here, people left

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Mistakes Businesses Make on Facebook

7 Mistakes Made on Facebook Business Pages

7 mistakes you may be making on Facebook Mistakes on your business page can be fixed.  It’s pretty clear that just about every business needs to be using Facebook.  This means a Facebook Business Page. Depending on your product and/or service, you will set up a specific type of business page.  Don’t make the mistake

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Frustrated with Technology

Are You Frustrated Too?

I am frustrated, are you?  Why, you wonder?  It’s pretty simple, it’s all the technology we deal with all the time.  Yes, I own a digital marketing company.  Yes, I love social media.  Yes, we help our clients grow their business and our own using digital marketing.  All of that is true but sometimes I want

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Social Media is used by everyone

Social Media Day Is Coming

Social Media Day June 30th I have written before about how every day is a something day.  Now we have the 9th celebration of Social Media Day coming on June 30th.  This day was created by Mashable to recognize social media globally, #SMDay.  In actuality, it is a part of our lives every day.  #SMDay

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Email Marketing Works

Thanks for Your Email

Email marketing is alive and well. Email marketing is a very important piece of your overall marketing strategy.  Emails that show up well and are mobile-responsive are essential.  It is important to understand that people DO open their emails.  If they don’t open everyone every time, that is okay.  By using email marketing, you are

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