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Don't Be Obnoxious On LinkedIn: Reaching Out Properly by Debbie Harris

Don’t Be Obnoxious on LinkedIn

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_lCD9T28eE Reaching Out (and Responding) Properly We all get automated LinkedIn messages. We all get emails from people that may have found our email on LinkedIn. When we are reaching out to people, it’s important to remember to be polite, provide value, and don’t be obnoxious on LinkedIn. When we do not wish to receive

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Trustegrity Means Referrals by Debbie Harris, PIMedia CEO

Trustegrity® Means Referrals

“Connect, Confide & Collaborate” is the Trustegrity® motto. One huge part of this shared belief is helping one another increase revenue, grow our businesses, and increase profits. We do that most often through referrals, which come about organically as Trustegrity® Group members get to know each other, build deep relationships, share knowledge, and collaborate. Are

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How Do I Grow My LinkedIn Network? - Tips from PIMedia CEO & LinkedIn Expert Debbie Harris

How Do I Use LinkedIn?

Steps I Take to Grow My LinkedIn Network I keep talking about turning LinkedIn Connections into Clients, Customers, Referral Sources, and sometimes, Friends. I turn Connections into Clients pretty frequently, and I thought I’d tell you some of the things I do when using LinkedIn for business development. Building relationships takes time, transparency, authenticity, and

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Building Trust on LinkedIn - Debbie Harris, PIMedia

What Does “Trust” Mean to You?

Building Trust on LinkedIn When you hear the word “trust”, what do you think of? Where does your mind go? I have talked a lot about building real relationships from LinkedIn connections in recent weeks. Turning those connections into clients, referral sources, or maybe even friends remains the primary goal of any focused LinkedIn campaign.

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Make Someone Smile on LinkedIn

It’s Okay to “Lighten-Up” Building relationships on LinkedIn means taking that relationship from LinkedIn to a phone call, Zoom, Skype, or whatever platform you wish to speak on. It means being authentic, being real, offering to help someone… and don’t forget humor! Make someone smile; we all need that. You can build real relationships with

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How to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn Automation - Debbie Harris, PIMedia

Should I Use an Automated System on LinkedIn?

Are you constantly being pitched a fully-automated Lead Gen program that will get you more connections on LinkedIn? Many of those LinkedIn automation programs will do just that. The challenge is, then what? How do you turn those brand new LinkedIn connections into paying clients? How do you build a relationship and take it off

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Brainstorming in Trustegrity® - Professional Groups that Work, PIMedia

Brainstorming in Trustegrity®

Where do you go for professional advice? When do you get a chance to brainstorm with other high-level, seasoned professionals and business owners? Entrepreneurship can be lonely sometimes and especially over the past few months. Trustegrity® can solve that by giving you a confidential group to knowledge share with. We are about helping each other

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What NOT to Do On LinkedIn. Avoid These Common LinkedIn Mistakes - PIMedia

What Not to Do on LinkedIn

I talk a lot about things you should do when trying to get the most out of your LinkedIn account, but today I am going to mention some things that are not a good idea on LinkedIn. No matter what stage of the process you are in or how great your LinkedIn profile looks, there

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LinkedIn Velocity Client Acquisition Program by PIMedia CEO Debbie Harris

What is LinkedIn Velocity?

Having thousands of connections on LinkedIn doesn’t help your business if you aren’t creating relationships, building trust, and converting your connections into clients. If you are thinking that all of that takes time, you are right. That’s why I created LinkedIn Velocity, a program in which a team of 6-7 people work on your behalf

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Trustegrity Means Helping Each Other as Professionals - Debbie Harris

Trustegrity Means Helping Each Other

Amazing things happen when seasoned professionals and business owners get together with the goal of helping each other. In Trustegrity® we do that by connecting, confiding, and collaborating. This video is a recap of our Connecticut Regional Trustegrity® meeting on June 5th, 2020. I am so grateful for all the outpouring of assistance are members

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Right Place, Right Time: Trustegrity for Business

Right Place, Right Time: Trustegrity for Business

Have you ever experienced the feeling of knowing you were in the right place at the right time? Do you believe in the law of attraction? You may have seen a post about Trustegrity on one of your social accounts. You may have even received an invitation to visit a Trustegrity meeting from me or

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Sealing the Deal: Convert LinkedIn Connection into Clients - Debbie Harris, PIMedia

Turning LinkedIn Connections into Clients

Did you know that you can turn LinkedIn Connections into clients? Here are some tips on doing just that. Too busy for LinkedIn? Do you have an assistant who can help? The key is moving people from LinkedIn to a phone call or Zoom session. If you have enough clients already, this isn’t for you.

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What Does Your Business Need Right Now? Grow Your Business with Trustegrity

What Does Your Business Need Right Now?

Helping each other is what Trustegrity is all about. What do you need right now for your business? Who do you want to be introduced to? What would help your business grow? If you haven’t checked out a Trustegrity virtual meeting, what are you waiting for? You never know what can come of being in

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3 Tips to a Kick-Butt LinkedIn Profile - Debbie Harris of PIMedia

3 Tips to a Kick-Butt LinkedIn Profile

As I work with clients, principally attorneys, I often notice the same 3 issues on their existing LinkedIn profiles. Their contact info, profile photo, and About section are out-dated and incomplete. In other words, people aren’t able to find you on LinkedIn, and even if they do find you, you will not be presenting a

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Has Zooming Changed Us? The Post-COVID Future of Business - PIMedia

Has Zooming Changed Us?

Are we more vulnerable and open on Zoom? If you are like me, you have been spending a good deal of time zooming these days. I guess that word has now become a part of our language much the same way as “googling” has. It seems there are days when I go from one Zoom

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Trustegrity National Founders Group Meeting June 11th - PIMedia

Trustegrity National Founders Group Meeting June 11th

You asked for it and it’s coming. June 11th will be our first Trustegrity National Founders Group meeting. If you have been invited to a Trustegrity meeting, GO! If you haven’t and you are a business owner or professional with 5+ years experience, a decision-maker, and leader in your community, ask me for an invitation.

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20 Minutes to LinkedIn Success - Free Session with PIMedia's Debbie Harris

20 Minutes to LinkedIn Success – Let’s Optimize Your Profile

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTJAaqv9gHo I am offering 20 minutes of my time with no strings attached to review your LinkedIn profile, give you helpful tips to make it stand out, and answer any questions you have about converting connections into clients. Let’s get you leveraging the best professional platform for your business. You will LOVE what you look

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Do Real Business with Trustegrity Networking Events, Debbie Harris of PIMedia

Real Business is Being Done with Trustegrity

Are you watching Netflix or taking your business to the next level during this forced isolation? Real business is being done everyday on Trustegrity via virtual meetings. While the temptation to let our traditional duties slide may be stronger than ever, business owners are still in a position to not only maintain but expand through

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