The Benefits of Email Marketing

Though social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn tend to receive all the attention, one of the most effective and reliable mediums for expanding your business presence is, astoundingly, the email. Yes, it’s still alive and kicking after over twenty-five years, and it has not become any less prominent. Amid the rush to provide attractive content and maintain a strong online profile, many businesses neglect email marketing and, as a result, a perfectly viable tool for directly reaching customers.

In addition to privately and instantly contacting your client base, email campaigns are relatively straightforward when compared to content and advertising strategies for social media. Of course, there are also no additional fees involved for creating and launching each email after you subscribe to a provider plan. Just by existing, emails can suggest greater stability and resources from your business. To the average consumer, a company that takes the time to design, compose, and regularly distribute emails with relevant information is more deserving of continued business, no matter what the service may be. Remember, the deal is not done simply because a customer has subscribed to your email list. Having a long list of contacts means nothing if you cannot consistently present your business as being concerned about retaining customers.

Perhaps the strongest argument for email marketing, however, is the idea that the best way to find new customers is through your existing customers, and emails have an excellent conversion rate. This is the primary draw of social media platforms, but emails represent an even more direct, personal method of contacting customers. Seeing a Facebook post every few days is nice and reminds the user that a business still exists, but social media alerts are still relatively informal and, individually, unsubstantial. Emails, alternatively, give a greater allowance for content and presentation. Even if a client only receives one email a month from a given business, that campaign can have a more lasting effect than a month’s worth of minor social media updates. This builds upon the relationship with each recipient in a more memorable way, and customers who believe that your business exists outside of everyday Facebook and Twitter accounts are more likely to take your business seriously.

At PIMedia, we have found that the Constant Contact system offers the easiest and most efficient tools for setting up email campaigns. With a nice variety of options for formatting and design, Constant Contact addresses every possible marketing need, from standard emails to surveys and event registration pages. Whether you use our services or decide to manage your email marketing yourself, keep in mind that as Solution Providers with Constant Contact, we can offer all our clients an initial discount for their email services. Please email us at or call (702) 720-6560. Take a look at Constant Contact and make sure that your email platform is making things simpler, not more complicated. Most importantly, do not miss out on a resource that can be as valuable to your business as email marketing.

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