Get More Business from LinkedIn with the LinkedIn Velocity Program - Debbie Harris

Want More Business from LinkedIn? Hire a Team!

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LinkedIn Velocity’s Personalized Prospecting Solution Creating productive, valuable business relationships via LinkedIn is essential for any professional, especially now, but trying to go it alone can be draining if not overwhelming. Like any truly successful marketing campaign, it takes a team! My LinkedIn Velocity program was designed for the busy professional–individuals who understand the value […]

Persistence is Key: LinkedIn Networking and Building Connections - Debbie Harris

Persistence is Key on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn Networking for the Busy Professional Despite the slew of distractions and other frustrations that many of us may have been facing recently, there continues to be plenty opportunities for professionals to broaden their contact base and build rewarding, mutually-beneficial relationships through LinkedIn. It just takes time! Seeking and engaging with new LinkedIn connections can […]

LinkedIn Power Partners & Referral Business - Debbie Harris

Reach Out to Power Partners on LinkedIn

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Boosting Your Referral Business How recently have you communicated with the “power partners” who you are connected to on LinkedIn? Do you ever reach out to them to set up a call or zoom? Your power/referral partners can be huge for your business and you for theirs. Referral business doesn’t always take care of itself, […]

The Trustegrity Reconnect Meeting & Building Better Professional Relationships - Debbie Harris

What is a Trustegrity® Reconnect Meeting?

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Building Better Professional Relationships You’ve heard me talk about the joys of Trustegrity®’s virtual networking meetings for business owners and professionals, but what exactly is a “reconnect meeting”? While engaging in discourse with your peers is rewarding at any level, speaking to other business leaders for an hour or two once each month does not […]

Who to Connect with on LinkedIn and Why - Debbie Harris

Who Are You Connected to on LinkedIn?

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Who to Connect with on LinkedIn How many of your connections on LinkedIn do you really know? Remember, the ultimate goal of networking on LinkedIn is mutual business enrichment and professional development–not just socializing. Take another look at your connections. Do these individuals have the capacity to positively impact you and your business? Do you […]

Kellogg vs. Post and the Keys to Advertising During a Downturn - Debbie Harris

Kellogg or Post?

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Advertising During a Downturn In the wake of the Great Depression, warring cereal companies Kellogg and Post took completely different approaches to their advertising, leading to repercussions that drastically altered the make-up of their industry and have continued to hold sway until today. Over the past few months, which company has your business more closely […]