Are you reaching Millennials?

Millennials are your customers and clients.

Are you reaching Millennials for your business? It seems that there is a lot of discussion about how to market to the Millennials who are now between 20 and mid-30’s. Obviously, Millennials in their early 20’s are going to be different than those entering their mid-30’s. That being said, there are clear avenues to reaching Millennials for your business. If you have read my blogs in the past, you know that I am not going to lay out a ton of techno-jargon to you or suggest that you must be on every social platform at once. Let’s take a look at how you can reach Millennials without losing your mind or becoming overwhelmed.

  • They are definitely using social media to communicate. They are heavy users of Facebook. Try some Facebook boosting. Use short video for boosting. Give give Facebook Live a try. Take a look at engaging in some Facebook Groups.
  • Instagram is another favorite of theirs, but you may find that your business does not lend itself to always posting photographs.
  • Pinterest – If you are reaching women and you can display visually your product or service, go for it. Use a Pinterest Business Board and use hashtags.
  • Twitter – This is not as huge a platform for them as it may seem. If you have time and resource constraints, go with Facebook first.
  • Google+ – Take a look at some “Communities” to reach Millennials
  • Snapchat is also popular with them but again this platform may not be practical for your business.
  • If you are looking to reach Millennials as professionals, then LinkedIn is a must. As a professional you should be using this platform to reach new clients.
  • Email will still work for Millennials – Make it interesting and don’t over do it. Unless you are a restaurant with frequent special offers, once a month should suffice. Have an offer in your email marketing, maybe a short video and definitely a picture.
  • Video is important for all ages – Keep it short, short, short and add humor – have some fun. Set up your own YouTube channel.
  • Texting can be an option but remember…text marketing never took off to the extent that people thought it would because most people do not want to be “annoyed” by marketing texts. Certain situations are different such as restaurant specials and reminders for medical appointments and personal care appointments. I am totally cool with the texts to remind me of my nail and hair appointments, but I don’t want to be marketed to by most businesses. Millennials I talk to feel the same about texting. It’s more personal.
  • Millennials are definitely shopping online and doing their buying research. Make sure your website is mobile- friendly and that you are consistently using Facebook to show your products and services. That being said, Millennials are still more comfortable making their purchases off of their computers versus tablets and smartphones.
  • Face to Face – Never forget the power of face to face networking and the “let’s get to know each other” lunch or coffee. I have found Millennials to be just as open to this as fellow Baby Boomers. After all, you can get a lot accomplished over a Starbucks latte.
  • I mentioned using #hashtags – Use them in all your social posting but sparingly.

Use social media to reach Millennials and engage them. Don’t be everywhere if your business doesn’t lend itself to it. I am always intrigued when people ask me how to incorporate Snapchat into their business when their product or service doesn’t fit that platform. Most small-to-medium-sized businesses now understand they MUST do social media marketing. What I find distressing is that so many start out thinking they must be EVERYWHERE. Millennials are a huge consumer demographic. By 2020, they will spend approximately $1.4 trillion annually and represent about 30% of total retail sales. Reach them by engaging them. They want to see “behind the veil” of your product or service. Who are the people behind the company? Ask them for input on new products and services. They want to be a part of the two-way conversation that social media allows, not lectured to.

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