Are You Making Videos?

It’s time to commit to video marketing

There is no question that video marketing is effective, essential and will increase your conversion when used in your digital marketing. Our smartphones are now fully capable of providing the quality we need for these marketing videos. Proper lighting and sound are key elements; however, you do not need to have a Hollywood production set to make effective videos. There are also numerous software options that allow you to make animated and “whiteboard” videos.

I decided I better start practicing what I preach regarding video and signed up with Videosocials so that I had the opportunity of networking and doing videos every week. If you want to check this out, here you go. I think it’s fantastic.

Maybe you have no issue doing video but simply never “get around to it.” I recommend you put it in your calendar and you do not cancel that appointment.

Here are some reasons why you need to start including regular, consistent video marketing in your digital marketing strategy. Thanks, Socialmediatoday.com for these statistics. Here is the original article.

  • By 2020 (right around the corner), 82% of internet traffic will come from video – Crazy right? But true!!
  • 45% of people are viewing more than an hour of video each week on Facebook or YouTube – How many videos do you watch?
  • Here’s one that stands out for me – a video in your email increases click-through rates by 63% – I hope you are email marketing.
  • Videos on social media are Shared 1200% more than posts with just images and text combined – WOW!
  • 64% of consumers are influenced to buy a product after watching a video.

Keep your videos short. Under 90 seconds is GREAT. We do not have attention spans to watch long videos unless they are specific to something we are attempting to do, i.e. change the brakes on our car, knit a scarf or follow a recipe. By all means, use YouTube. Put up your YouTube Channel and add all your videos to it with appropriate tags (keywords).

People tend to watch videos with the sound off. Putting text in your video further enhances the effectiveness of your video. Remember when you post your videos to put text in your post with a Call to Action and a compelling reason for people to watch your video. “Early peek at our new product”, “Watch for a special discount this week”, “Here’s how we helped a client.” Remember your compliance in all things digital.

2020 is right around the corner. It seems I was just writing about trends for 2019. One thing is for certain–video isn’t going away, most small businesses are not utilizing the power of YouTube and YOU CAN DO IT! Have fun with video, see what works, tell a story.

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