About PIMedia


PIMedia is a leading social media and digital marketing firm that specializes in assisting clients with their online presence. Founded in 2010 by President and CEO Debbie Harris, M.A., a nationally cited LinkedIn expert with an extensive background in digital marketing and a master’s degree in Social Media Compliance and the Law, PIMedia works to bolster clients’ business potential through effective use of the most relevant digital channels available today. Whether it is establishing and maintaining social media outreach campaigns to drive traffic and conversion or reconstructing websites from the ground up with enriched SEO properties, each PIMedia project helps to promote the client’s visibility, appeal, and reputation.

As a trusted service provider, consultant, and trainer, PIMedia claims a broad cross-section of clients, from national brands and internet startups to local businesses and nonprofits. By focusing on what makes each client distinctive and valuable to the community, PIMedia has been able to create personalized digital identities for businesses in a variety of industries with the same level of quality and success.

Our knowledge of the relationships among social platforms, search engines, and, most importantly, audiences, allows us to approach each new project with a full understanding of what it takes to succeed and the skills to get it done. The PIMedia team draws on an extensive background in website optimization, social media advertising, email marketing, business networking, workforce development, reputation management, and content generation to find the digital strategy that suits each client’s unique needs and goals. Our team’s experience encompasses every major online platform that can affect your business, and we help find the right balance of tools and applications to give your brand the exposure it deserves as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

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Debbie Harris, CEO

Founder Debbie Harris, MA serves as the CEO of Performance Intermedia, LLC and works as an active consultant for numerous businesses. Bringing over 30 years of marketing and business experience to her consulting clients, Ms. Harris has a master’s degree in Social Media Compliance and the Law from Regis University (where she graduated summa cum laude) and stands as one of the nation’s most renowned authorities on social media and the use of LinkedIn for business growth.

Ms. Harris is an accomplished keynote speaker and writes regularly about issues concerning social media; she has even published an e-book, 7 Strategic Techniques to Gain Clients from LinkedIn, and co-authored Promoting Your Book for the GENIUS. Ms. Harris was also voted one of Las Vegas Magazine’s 2016 Top 100 Women of Influence.

Ms. Harris can be reached at Debbie@PIMedia.me or (702) 465-4082