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About PIMedia


PIMedia is one of the nation’s leading social media consultants, trainers, and service providers. With a broad cross-section of clients from national brands and internet startups to local business and nonprofit organizations, our niche is driving social media growth and integrating marketing automation for clients.

The PIMedia team consists of staff services, technical knowledge, and a network of trusted artisans and marketing service specialists. If a company or person tells you that they can do everything for you, beware! Today, the world of digital marketing is very broad, requiring a large variety of specialized skills to run a successful campaign. We fulfill the social media need for many partnered marketing, web development, and Public Relations firms. Our experience encompasses every major online platform that can affect your business.

Debbie Harris, CEO

Debbie Harris, MA serves as the President of Performance Intermedia, LLC and works as an active consultant for numerous businesses. Bringing over 30 years of marketing and business experience to her consulting clients, Ms. Harris has a master’s degree in Social Media Compliance and the Law from Regis University (where she graduated summa cum laude) and stands as one of the nation’s most renowned authorities on social media and LinkedIn application for business growth.

Ms. Harris is an accomplished keynote speaker and writes about issues concerning social media on her website http://socialmediaconsulting.vegas. She writes regularly for multiple magazines and is a regular blogger for Business2Community.com; she has even published an e-book, 7 Strategic Techniques to Gain Clients from LinkedIn, and co-authored Promoting Your Book for the GENIUS. Ms. Harris was also voted one of Las Vegas Magazine’s 2016 Top 100 Women of Influence.

Ms. Harris can be reached at Debbie@PIMedia.me or 702.465.4082

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David Mayne - Digital Strategy & Web Design

While Debbie Harris brings a strong understanding of social media use and compliance, David Mayne’s strength lies in the areas of marketing and internet technologies. Drawing upon an extensive background in corporate computing (application and network infrastructure), digital marketing, social media, and web technologies, David understands the relationships among social media, web/internet marketing, and sales technologies for business.

David is also a WordPress and graphic designer and leads our services in design and website project management, addressing all our technical and computing needs. Mr. Mayne can be reached at David@PIMedia.me or 702-561-2303