7 Mistakes Made on Facebook Business Pages

7 mistakes you may be making on Facebook

Mistakes on your business page can be fixed.  It’s pretty clear that just about every business needs to be using Facebook.  This means a Facebook Business Page. Depending on your product and/or service, you will set up a specific type of business page.  Don’t make the mistake of promoting your business on your Facebook Personal Profile.  Of course, you can talk about your business BUT the personal profile is not for marketing your business on a regular basis.

Here are 7 mistakes we see all the time with Facebook Business Pages:

  1. The page is not set up to look professional.  Be sure your Banner looks professional.  Your profile picture should be sized properly and have the name of the business.  Try adding video to the Banner or change it up regularly. Great space to promote a special you are running.  Be sure you fill in ALL the sections with information.  The About section, Your Story, all of these should have complete information.  Go through the entire process and be sure to add your hours (if appropriate), and all company info.  Add a description, take advantage of all places to accentuate what your business is all about.  If you want people to Call you, include your phone number in your professional banner.  Add a Call to Action button that is appropriate for your business.  Allow Messages if someone will be watching them.  Add Reviews if it is available (not available to all business types).
  2. You are posting too often.  Less is more.  The only type of business that might post daily is a restaurant that has daily specials.  Think about how much stuff you see in your Newsfeed every day.  If you are posting too much, people will stop following you.  They may even unlike your page.  2-3 times per week for most businesses is great.  Mix-up the times of day and days of the week so you can see what works best.
  3. Post content is boring.  What are you posting? Motivational quotes are great but not appropriate more than every now and then.  People are being motivated to death on social media. Think about providing value.  Are you sharing your blogs?  How about other articles?  If you are a geographical business, i.e. dentist, restaurant, lawyer, doctor, etc., why not post articles written by others in your profession?  If they are not in your city, town, region, go ahead, share the love.  Do not SELL all the time.  Running specials or discounts is great but not every post.  You want to provide interesting information. Are you a real estate professional?  How about tips on how to buy, how to sell, your local market. Where to eat, traffic, weather, you get it.  If you are a professional, enlighten about different subjects, i.e. 5 things to do if you are in an auto accident, 3 things to ask before choosing a medical doctor, etc.  Follow local news (stay away from political or highly controversial).  Holidays are great too.
  4. You aren’t using pictures and video.  Use pictures with every post.  Do NOT use Google Free Photos.  There are royalty-free sites you can use.  Here are a few; Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash and Burst/Spotify. If you are adding a link to your post, add the photo first and then the link.   Use video in your posts.  Maybe you have video testimonials from clients.  Perhaps you can video an employee on their anniversary.  Create videos, can be animated or whiteboard.
  5. You are not using hashtags.  Do you check to see what is trending each day?  Are you using consistent hashtags that relate to your company’s product or service?  How about your location, i.e. #lasvegas.   In addition to hashtags, are you tagging other businesses with the @ symbol?  It’s so important to follow other businesses that might have similar customers.  I am not speaking of direct competitors.  Think about what businesses are in your area that makes sense to connect to on Facebook.  Like them as your Facebook business page.  Remember my blog on “Today is #NationalSomethingDay“?
  6. You aren’t Boosting posts.  We know that Facebook keeps working on making things more relevant to users.  Engagement is key.  It is definitely a Pay to Play when it comes to your Facebook business posts.  You need to boost some of them.  Use different demographics and see what works best.  Be mindful of compliance for your industry and laws.  If you are looking for labor, be sure to include all ages and male and female in the demographics.  Facebook is changing the criteria for demographics.  You must follow industry, state and federal laws when marketing/boosting on Facebook.  Also Facebook’s guidelines for advertising.  Be sure and look at your Insights so you know how to tweak for better results.
  7. Bad spelling and grammar.  Yes, you can take some liberties on social media but English is still English.  And Spanish is still Spanish, need I go on? Proofread and use Grammarly if you need to.  Make sure your post content is spelled correctly and uses proper grammar (for the most part).  You are representing your business.  Grammar and spelling matter.

I hope this helps.  These are mistakes we encounter every day when looking at Facebook business pages.  Stand out from the crowd by not making them.

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