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6 Easy Steps for Marketing on LinkedIn

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Here’s a schedule you can use for business building with LinkedIn

I know the most common concern of my clients is “How will I find the time to do what you are teaching me on LinkedIn?” While in many cases we take on the social media marketing/reputation management/engagement for our clients, LinkedIn still requires some personal input because it is a professional to professional network. Sure, we can handle your LinkedIn Company Page, you can send us Status Updates and we will help you write your LinkedIn Articles, but YOU still need to participate on this fantastic business building platform. Of course, LinkedIn recently changed their entire platform so you need to be aware of those changes.

Here are 6 tips to streamline LinkedIn into your week:

  1. You must think of your time on LinkedIn as business development, networking, prospecting, relationship building and referral marketing time. It is not play time on social media. If you are old enough to remember writing a letter, stuffing envelopes, and sticking on stamps, driving around to potential clients and even cold calling, you know the value of business development right from your computer in so much less time. Think of LinkedIn as a Global Networking Event. Figure out the best time of day and days of the week for you to focus on #LinkedIn. Is it first thing every morning when you check your emails (from your phone or your tablet or your computer)? Is it after lunch? Would you prefer 2-3 days per week instead of every day? Are you more apt to do this in the evening?
  2. If you choose every day (Monday thru Friday for sure), start with 20 minutes each day. If you prefer not to do LinkedIn everyday, choose 2-3 days and block out 45 minutes. Here’s the key – PUT THIS ON YOUR CALENDAR GOING FORWARD – IT IS AN APPOINTMENT TO DO BUSINESS GROWTH AND MARKETING.
  3. Check your Private Messages and see if anything needs to be addressed. Much will be “sales pitches” but not all. Get used to the fact that many professionals are turning to LinkedIn private messages instead of email. LinkedIn has also just implemented a Messenger App – following in Facebook’s oh-so-successful footsteps.
  4. Check to see My Network to see who has reached out to Connect with you and also People You May Know. Pick 5 or 6 each time. Remember, LinkedIn is about expanding your network. 4.75 degrees of separation – who knows who everyone knows.
  5. Activities – Check your Notifications – is there someone there that you have been meaning to reach out to you? If so, go to their Profile Page and send them a message; “Congrats on your new position. I have been wanting to catch up with you. Are you free next Tuesday at 10 to grab a coffee? I want to hear all about your new gig.” (Be sure to mark this “tentative” coffee date on your calendar. Scroll your Home Page – engage where appropriate with someone else’s Post. A Like, Comment or Share (always read whatever it is before you share it). Post a Status Update 1-2x per week – use Google Alerts to bring you relevant information. Look for Share buttons and read the entire article before posting it. Write an Article – do this once or twice a month;  don’t sweat this. Use your FAQs, write in a friendly style (spelling and grammar still count), grab a photo from or (never off the web), link your website and have some fun with it.
  6. Check out Your Groups 1-2x per week – Pick three that you will engage with; a Peer Group, a Referral/Power Partner Group and a Fun Group of something you enjoy besides work. You can Share Status Updates and your Articles there too. Be conversational, never sell. Engage, Engage, Engage

Using LinkedIn will drive more business to you. You are increasing your visibility and credibility which is so important to be “top of mind”. I have clients who hire me for an hour a month to write their article with them, go over their LinkedIn strategy and look at setting up Inmail marketing campaigns. I’ll write about that in another article or give us a call 702.720.6560 or